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 The dog park now exists with its own website, see HERE - http://jhdogs.ning.com/


The Project: We are petitioning for the creation of a dog park in Jackson Heights in the vacant lot at the intersection of 69th Street and 34th Avenue. There are hundreds of dog owners in the area, and regrettably no space to bring the dogs. The park will become a great asset for the community, as dog owners from all over the area come together to socialize. It can be a unifying force in the neighborhood. Additionally, it will become a top destination for non dog owners, as all of the city's dog parks frequently attract viewers. Jackson Heights has the least amount of park space of any neighborhood in New York City (ignoring a technicality that ranks an area bordering Central Park as the bottom of the list), and it would be foolish to let this land or any other space in the neighborhood go unused.

Details: The land is owned by the NYSDOT, and has some structures in it. As far as we know, these structures include a water pump and some storage facilities. With the help of Community Board 3, we have contacted the DOT about the use of the land for our park. A letter was mailed to Jim Wilson of the DOT by Community Board 3 District Manager Giovanna Reid at the beginning of the summer. We are still awaiting a reply.

Time Line: The sooner we get the approval the better. The Community Board members suggest that the DOT would by willing to finance the construction as a gift to the community while the construction on the BQE continutes. They note similar projects undertaken by the NYSDOT in the area surrounding their work, most notably the art installation under the overpass at Northern Boulevard. The dog park will be a significantly less expensive task.

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