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Jamaica Sprint 2016 (Treasure Beach) 

The Jamaica Sprint 2016 will be a Plone Sprint aimed at improving the theming related documentation for Plone 5.

Update October 24: Added more information about accomodation and transporation

Images from Treasure Beach, Jamaica 

When: January 4 - 7, 2016

Where: 2Seasons Guesthouse Treasure Beach. St Elizabeth, Jamaica (websitemap)

Early Registration: closes December 13, 2015 (add yourself in the list below or email organizer)

Registration: closes December 28, 2015 

Hashtag: #plonesprintjam



TopicPlone Theming Documentation

Make the Theming experience EVEN easier! Target documentation will include:

- Develop an introductory tour video and docs
- Quick Start Theming in 5 - 10 minutes  
- Contribute to the Theming Training Docs
- Complete the Gloss Documentation


We are organizing a group rate at 2Seasons Guesthouse (about US$45 per person/night for shared accommodation, we're working

on a better group rate). There are many other guest houses and hotels in the area.

See AIRBNB to get a feel for prices.



The cost to get to Treasure Beach from our major airports is about US$50 (budget about 4 - 5 hours of commuting time on the ground)

Read this post on Getting to Treasure Beach .



Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

 JOIN the project and add your name to the list by editing this page.

If you later need to cancel: please remove yourself from the list.

We are planning for about 12 sprinters if there are more we can arrange accommodation at other guest houses very near to the sprint location. 

[ name ] [nickname] [company ] [dates ] [% sure ] [remote] [staying for Mini Conference]

  1. David Bain, pigeonflight, Alteroo, Jan 3 - 7, 100%, no, yes



(more detailed schedule of events coming soon) 

Arrive: January 3

Sprint Days: January 4, 5, 6 and 7

Mini Conference: January 8 - 9 PythonJamaica will be holding a Mini Conference from January 8 - 9  (please consider staying on to give a Python talk, lightning talk or just to participate).

You might also want to plan a day or two afterwards to do a tour (beaches, mountains etc... after January 9).


Things to do in Jamaica 

Official Visit Jamaica Website

Activities to do in Jamaica Page