“I’m going for a walk I’m bored in this house,” most people have heard this from their family members. Well, I reduced such words in my house so when someone complains to be bored in the house I have options for them, they either have to work or have something they can do.

There a lot of creative ideas that we can implement in our homes to make it more interesting. The list can be long but here are some few fun ideas you can incorporate in your home to make it fun.

1. Play darts

Thinking of what game to incorporate in your home interior, then darts can be fun to play, in addition it can be fixed somewhere in the living room or one of the rooms. Darts doesn’t need a lot of space like other games do so it is easy to have it in your house. Besides, it is easy game to play since it does not require very technical skills Compete with your kids to see who shoots better and cheer the winner.

2. Plan a costume night

Halloween is the only time we get to wear costumes and it is usually so entertaining. Don’t wait for Halloween to have such fun, organize for everyone to wear a costume in one of the evenings, play games and have as much fun as you can. The costumes can match a movie that everyone is familiar with to make it more interesting.

3. Have a picnic in the indoors

Make your evening fun filled with blankets, buckets, food and wine just like you would do in a picnic. Having such fun in the evenings makes your family be closer to each other.

4. During Christmas, throw a Christmas party

Christmas is celebrated worldwide so don’t make your family miss out, put up Christmas decorations and throw a fun and food-filled party. Exchange Christmas presents that have been wrapped up well in colorful wrapping papers. You can invite friends and relatives over to share such special days together.

5. Take a video of a newscast or a vlog

Thanks to technology taking videos no longer require cameras since smartphones are now equipped with cameras that can record good quality videos. Record your family speaking about anything about the family circle, let them say hi to their relatives and say anything appropriate then send the videos. This is a unique and fun way of maintaining your family ties.

6. Have a treasure hunt

Everyone loves looking for things that are hidden. Share the list of things that need to be found and let everyone embark on the search. Limit the time that they have to take searching for the items, this way it will be more thrilling. Set a small reward for the winner.

7. Try out some DIY home decorations

There is a lot of information online that explains a step by step tutorial of how to make home décor from plastic, paper, wine bottles and threads. When people look bored, gather them around, watch the tutorials, try coming up with something beautiful, and add it in your home interiors.  

The list is endless but that’s it for today. You can come up with fun ideas that suit your family better and boredom will not be a portion of your home. 

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