There’s a different kind available for each place and preference should be given to the one that fits the exact need. Read on for a quick camping coffee maker shopping guide.

Types of coffee machines

  • Percolators

percolators coffee makers

A percolator is the old-fashioned coffee maker that has been in existence for over decades. It is basically a metal pot in which you put in water and ground coffee beans and rest it on a burner.

The top knob is made of transparent glass so you can witness the bubbles appearing. The boiling water brews the coffee and for optimum flavor, you can set a timer. It takes around 5 minutes to prepare and is one of the quickest methods to practice when camping.
  • French Press coffee makers

French Press coffee makers

These are also user-friendly but require efforts to clean. To prepare a cup, you will need to put coffee at the bottom of the container and add water and let it boil. To pour out the ready mixture, press and plunge the built-in screen to captivate grounded coffee and fill the cup. The flavor comes out sort of strong and is liked by many people.

  • Espresso coffee machines

Espresso coffee machines

For those who fancy strong flavors an espresso coffee machine is what you’re looking for. There are two main types to choose from. One is a pressure machine, which boils water inside a chamber using pressure and when steam builds up, it then passes water through the grounded coffee.

The second and more expensive type is a pump machine, which has a set thermostat for boiling water. When the set temperature is reached the water is run through the coffee taking in flavor and you have yourself a genuine cup of espresso. Some espresso machines come with a steaming tool for milk, so you can also use them for preparing cappuccinos and lattes.

  • Bean to cup coffee makers

Bean to cup coffee makers

If you like to witness the process from start to finish. get a bean to cup coffee maker. This particular type grinds coffee beans by itself and then passes boiled water over them to get a cup ready for drinking. It is similar to a pump espresso machine but with a built-in grinder.

  • Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

This is perhaps the oldest method in the book. Just boil water and add it to a cup along with grounded coffee and mix. This kind of coffee lacks heavily on the flavor department but if you don’t care much about the flavor and are in a rush, this is the ideal method as it does not require a coffee making device.

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