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Four Digits is proud to announce the Living Statues Sprint 2010

  • ­What: developer sprint (what is a sprint?)
  • Where: Four Digits Office in Arnhem, Willemsplein 44, The Netherlands
  • When: August 25th till 29th­



This sprint will focus on tasks for the upcoming 4.x and 5.x releases.

  • Deco
  • Blocks
  • Tiles
  • Discussion (plone.app.discussion) 
  • Forms (in combination with tiles)
  • Suggest more topics!


Getting started

The latest buildout can be found at: https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/sandbox/plone.app.deco/buildouts/dev/ so the following command to checkout the buildout:

svn co https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/sandbox/plone.app.deco/buildouts/dev/

After that follow the instructions located at: https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/sandbox/plone.app.deco/trunk/docs/INSTALL.txt

See Israel's blog post for more info: http://dukebody.com/2010/08/on-deco-and-tiles-the-big-picture/



All the tickets about Deco/Tiles/Blocks can be found in this report: https://dev.plone.org/plone/report/41

In the hall there's a planboard containing post-it's of all the tickets mentioned in the report. When you want to work on a specific ticket just grab one of the available "todo" tasks and start working on it either alone or together with a team. The post-it's also contain the ticket number, which can be found on trac using the following url: https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/<ticketnumber>  You can of course also create new tickets, try to keep the planboard and trac in sync.


Follow us


You can follow us during the sprint on live.fourdigits.nl



Follow us on twitter using #livingstatuessprint 



server: freenode

channel: #sprint 



   Wednesday Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday 
 09:00   Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint 
 10:00  Kick-off Sprint  Sprint Sprint  Sprint 
 11:00  Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint  Sprint 
 12:00  Stand-up / Lunch  Stand-up / Lunch  Stand-up / Lunch  Stand-up / Lunch  Stand-up / Lunch
 13:00  Sprint Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint / Living Statues 
 14:00  Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint  Sprint / Living Statues
 15:00  Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint  Sprint / Living Statues
 16:00  Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint  Sprint / Living Statues
 17:00  Sprint Sprint  Sprint  Sprint  Sprint / Living Statues
 18:00  Stand-up Stand-up Stand-up  Stand-up  Wrap-up
 19:00   Group dinner Cocktail party Pancakes@Four Digits  
 21:00       Statues by night  
 22:00       Invite @ cafe de Kroeg  


  • Rob Gietema (Rob|4D), Four Digits, 100%
  • Martijn Jacobs (neo|4D), Four Digits, 100%
  • Ralph Jacobs (ralph|4D), Four Digits, 100%
  • Franklin Kingma (kingel|4D), Four Digits, 100%
  • Roel Bruggink (JaRoel|4D), Four Digits, 100%
  • Rok Garbas (garbas), Freelance, 100%
  • Timo Stollenwerk (tisto), www.timostollenwerk.net, Freelance, 100%
  • Israel Saeta Pérez (dukebody), Freelance, 100%
  • Jonas Baumann (jone), 4teamwork.ch, 100% 
  • Florian Friesdorf (chaoflow), Freelance, 100%
  • Simone Deponti (shywolf9982), Abstract, 100%
  • David Siedband (siebo), Zentraal, ???%
  • Kim Chee Leong (kacee), GW20e, 100%
  • Kees Hink (khink), GW20e, 100%
  • Duco Dokter, GW20e, 100%
  • Laurens Kling, Goed Idee Media, 100%
  • Ferry Kobus, Goed Idee Media, 100%
  • Patrick Kreling, Catharsis Design, 100%



Rob Gietema (livingstatuessprint@fourdigits.nl, +31 26 4422700)


The sprint will be held at the Four Digits Office, located in the city centre of Arnhem. We have room for about 30 sprinters. There are a lot of hotels close to the office. If you need any help finding a suitable hotel let us know and we'll gladly assist you.

Here you can find a map of the surroundings including some points of interest.



You can find a list of hotels at http://www.worldstatues.nl/indexengels/6/Hotels.html. "Hotel Arnhem Centraal", "Hotel Haarhuis", "Hotel Molendal", "Hotel Old Dutch", "Hotel Blanc" and "Hotel Rembrandt" are all within walking distance of our office. If you can't find a suitable hotel let us know and we'll help you find one (or open up Hotel Four Digits ;)).


Living Statues

The sprint will be held during the World Championship for Living Statues, which will take place on August 30th (sunday). The very best national and international living statues will be performing from 13.00 until 17.00 hrs. At the same time, the amateurs will compete for the National Championship. This will take place in the city center of Arnhem at walking distance of the Four Digits office.

At 17.30 the paradewill start. On the square in front of Church Eusebius, all the living statues will give their best for one last time. After that, the nerve-racking award ceremony will start. For the professionals and amateurs there are 4 diplomas in the categories 'content', 'craftsmanship', 'aesthetical sensation' and 'entertainment'. The best amateur will be awarded with the National title. The best professional will be awarded with the Grand Prix d'Arnhem and may be addressed as the World Champion Living Statues for a year.


About Arnhem

Arnhem has been one of the most attractive shopping areas in the Netherlands for years, boasting a range of large chain stores and little clothes shops. Arnhem has something for everyone, a number of well-known labels and designers such as G-sus, Humanoid, Viktor & Rolf and People of the Labyrinths have turned Arnhem into an attractive town for those with a passion for fashion.

Restored to their former glory and joined underneath one of the shopping streets, the 40 medieval cellars show you what underground Arnhem used to look like. The history of the town is reflected in the town centre itself as well as in 100-year-old Sonsbeek park, where you can take a rest in the heart of the town! The Church of Eusebius dominates the skyline. This late Gothic ogive basilica boasts a unique glass lift, rising to 73 metres and offering you a view of the attractive shopping centre. On your way up you will also see the biggest carillon in Europe!

The town also boasts a wide and varied range of museums - including ones on art, water, wine and history - as well as major attractions such as Burgers' Zoo and the Dutch Open Air Museum. Your day, evening or weekend in Arnhem should not end until you have been to Korenmarkt, the bustling entertainment centre. So whether you like shopping or going out, walking or cycling, visiting attractions or simply prefer more energetic pursuits, Arnhem is the place to be for an unforgettable stay!



By train

The Four Digits Office is located within walking distance of the Central Railway Station of Arnhem. Both national and international (ICE from Germany) trains will stop at this station.

By plane

The closest airport is Weeze (Dusseldorf), Germany. A direct busservice will take you from Weeze airport to Arnhem Central Station. An other option is to fly to Amsterdam or Eindhoven and take the train from there (1.5 hour train journey).