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last modified July 29, 2016 by Pumukel

The Sprint that focus on Planning and Organizing

without a single line of code ....

Besides the 'core' we have lots of other projects and moving parts, which helps us and makes us organize as a community.

Yet, over time different projects get started but never get finished, are left half-finished or even forgotten.

We want to change that, this sprint is meant to identify these 'issues' and find a solution how we as community can close them, or at least identify a way forward.

As such, there will be no coding involved, it is about identifying 'issues', discussions and finding possible solutions. We want to focus on workable, 'good-enough' solutions that can be maintained over time, yet still take the time to talk, discuss, and see how we can improve the various sites, projects and communication efforts that help Plone the project.


29.-31. July 2016



Hangout: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/plone.org/orgsprint2016 

TitanPad: https://titanpad.com/hv7uZiFc2f

This sprint should be held on different locations worldwide:

  • Amsterdam, NL. Location: 
    Clean Clothes Campaign
    Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 292
    1012 RT Amsterdam
    (that's about 200 meter from Dam Square, it is an easy 10 minute walk from Central station. You can take tram 1, 2, 5 as well, but hardly worth the effort for two stops)
    The door is a green door in the souterrain/lower floor, so *not* up the steps. Bell is 'Clean Clothes Campaign', and there usually is also a big sign for "Capital Apartments" outside, who rent the bottom floor.
  • München, Germany (Syslab.com office)
  • US
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Berlin, Germany (Abstract-Technology office) 

and hopefully more. Of course individuals will also be able to connect and help remotely, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting.       

Roadmap / Topics

  • Identify Community issues that need to be fixed
    • document processes on Plone the product project management (Documentation of release and communications process, involved teams and steps)
    • onbording of new Plone users / contributers
    • diversity and different skill sets
  • Identify Pages on Plone.org and Plone.com and other Plone Portals that need some love
  • Better solution(s) to present add-ons, to the relevant audiences
  • Define a better process for keeping code, Plips, new features and documentation of these in sync. Extend this process definition also to the marketing/communication efforts when a new release is made. 
  • Document the processes behind the new plone.org (badges, responsibility for keeping certain sections up to date, etc.)
  • (your points here. Even better with proposed solutions, or at least hints on what you are willing to contribute ;-)



[Name], [Nickname] [company] [dates] [% sure] [location/remote]

  1. Alexander Loechel, Pumukel, LMU, Friday-Sunday, 100%, Amsterdam
  2. Paul Roeland, polyester, Amsterdam
  3. Sven Strack, svx, Amsterdam
  4. Kim Nguyen, tkimnguyen, Wildcard Corp., The Remote Wilderness of Wisconsin aka Who Needs Amsterdam Anyway
  5. Dylan Jay, djay, PretaGov, %60, Remote Bangkok, Thailand
  6. Maurits van Rees, maurits, Zest Software, Friday late afternoon - Sunday, 100%, Amsterdam
  7. Fred van Dijk, fredvd, Zest Software, Friday & Saturday, 100%, Amsterdam
  8. Stefania Trabucchi, stetrabby, Abstract-Technology, Friday 100%, Berlin and Berlin-Plone-Meetup
 9. Christine Baumgartner, chrimiba, Klein & Partner KG (BDA), Friday-Sunday afternoon, 100% Amsterdam


    • Sven Strack
    • Alexander Loechel

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