• Planning Matrix: Wind Energy Campaign

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Narberth Greens

Clean Energy Campaign

“In 2008/09, Narberth Greens will get 20% of households in Narberth to
purchase wind energy, while strengthening our group and expanding our

  1. Issue focus: reducing green house gas emissions through clean energy alternatives

  2. Campaign goals

    1. Conservation Goals

      1. Residential & Business: 20% of Narberth’s residential and business energy from wind energy

        1. Clean Energy Club of Narberth

      2. Municipal: Get the borough to match this 20% by purchasing wind energy in the next budgeting period (December 2008?)

    2. Organizational Goals

      1. Grassroots methods: Have interested community members hold “Clean Energy Parties” gatherings/parties at their houses where they invite their neighbors and friends, and a NG representative comes and gets people to sign up.

      2. To expand network/strengthen member participation: Each member that purchases wind energy will automatically enter the Narberth Greens network.

        1. Current membership: 150

        2. Goal by end: 250?

      3. Recruit new activists through…

        1. LMHS Service League (contact Liza S-G)

        2. NarbEarth Day

      4. Quantify success: we will need to have each person who signs up fill out a form saying how much wind energy they purchased so that we can the quantify the amount

  3. Tactics and Timeline

    1. Tactics:

      1. Create Demand: recruit volunteers through Narberth Greens, local schools (teenage public service credit/projects), local faith organizations (Yitz), and businesses. Each volunteer would be assigned to get X number of households to “sponsor” them by purchasing wind energy. The volunteer would be seeking to get X number of households to sign up so that they can achieve Gold, Silver, or Bronze status on the Narberth Greens Volunteer website?

        1. Raffle: Mayor Grady has offered to donate a brand new box of Narberth 110 Anniversary mugs for a raffle

      2. Establish Accountability: Narb greens rep. will fill out form to mail to PECO, use for internal records as well. 

    2. Timeline: The campaign will last 1-2 years: between NarbEarth Day 2008 and 2009/10.

  4. The Lay of the Land

    1. Organizational Strengths & Weaknesses

      1. Strengths:

      2. Weaknesses:

    2. Allies and Opponents

      1. Allies:

        1. Lower Merion Green Council

        2. Mayor Grady

        3. Yitz’s Interfaith Council

      2. Opponents:

        1. The only opponents I can see are households who don’t want to spend the money, or aren’t “interested” in environmental issues.

          1. Create an energy independent angle for these people

  5. Strategy

    1. Strategic Vehicle

    2. Targets

      1. Decision-makers (primary targets)

      2. Secondary Targets

      3. Public Audiences

  6. Campaign Communication

    1. Message/Slogan: Lets reduce our carbon footprint by working together as a community to become energy independent by purchasing wind energy (needs work – but that the basic message)

      1. Stickers/signs in windows

    2. Story

    3. Media Outlets

      1. Main Line Times: Could Rosemary McDonough do a 1 year anniversary column, featuring the energy campaign (May 2008)?

  7. Resource Management

    1. Campaign Budget: We shouldn’t need much of a budget, since what we want is for other people to spend money on wind energy which is external to

    2. Donor Management/Fundraising

    3. Volunteer Recruitment and Stewardship