• NJ Aid for Animals: Dauntless, Dedicated, Educated

last modified August 28, 2007 by KathyMcGuire

CAMDEN COUNTY -- There’s a new animal rescue in town: a group that is unfettered by the kind of bureaucracy and politics that seem to bog down the other animal rescue behemoths. And the good news is, New Jersey Aid for Animals (NJAFA) is making a difference.

       Kathy McGuire, Founder and President of South Jersey-based NJAFA believes that directly working the problem is the only solution to solving it. This diminutive, dedicated dynamo is so serious about rescuing helpless creatures from the horrific conditions imposed by their abusers, she’ll go right into places others fear to tread and is an intrepid traveler checking out tips from all over New Jersey about cruelty and then reporting it to the authorities when others “may not want to get involved”.

         Topping the list of priorities on her daily to-do list, when she is not investigating the cruelty tips that come in, is educating people about spaying and neutering their pets  –

“We are the ONLY non profit that travels regularly into Camden and personally takes animals from people's homes to get them altered and returns them the same night because these individuals don't have the money or transportation to get it done themselves.  No one else does what we do.    NJAFA is adamant about the importance of spaying/neutering because of the severe overpopulation of cats and dogs.   McGuire explains “Checking out cruelty tips and then reporting it to the authorities, is as much of a priority for me as helping to prevent it – and a major way of doing that is educating people on the importance of spaying/neutering and getting it done myself if that’s what it takes  She is well known in Camden and gets calls daily from individuals to have their animals spayed or neutered.                           

        “We aid animals in all counties of New Jersey but focus our dedication and compassion for Camden City, New Jersey's animals,” McGuire explains. “Because we are headquartered in Camden County, a Camden County animal may receive a major portion of our funding for spaying and neutering and, when we have the funds, for needed medical procedures.”
        Armed with a tough, no-nonsense approach that offers zero tolerance for uncivilized behavior of humans toward the helpless, McGuire doesn’t just field calls from concerned citizens who report abuse cases – she acts on them. A seasoned animal rescuer for almost two decades, McGuire is a certified NJ State Cruelty Investigator and Animal Control Officer, she has done due diligence to make sure of her legal standing when putting in her time and efforts on behalf of abused animals and against the abusers.

          In fact, when she was newly certified three years ago, the NJSPCA asked her to coordinate the rescue and placement of two major animal hoarding cases because of her unique approach to saving animals. McGuire pulled out more than 100 animals from two hoarders and saved 98 percent of them from being forced to shelters and being euthanized, which is the usual protocol.

          In her tireless mission to stop the suffering – one animal at a time – McGuire is all too aware that animal abusers will many times escalate to abusing and even murdering other humans. This proven phenomenon provides even more motivation to eradicate the cruelty and support changes in legislation on the local and state level that give more latitude to investigators and cruelty officers and toughen the consequences for abusers.

         Lauded for her “unique quality for investigation” by her instructor at the police academy where she acquired her training, McGuire possesses a rare kind of integrity that is part of her day-to-day routine: whether it is raising funds, attempting to reason with an abusive animal owner or fearlessly obtaining video of the abuse. Her tenacity, coupled with her talent for research and knowledge of the statutes, make her a formidable crusader for animals in distress.

       Heads up to animal abusers: Watch out – love her or hate her, she’s here to stay.

       New Jersey Aid for Animals in privately funded by donations and has no paid staff. The organization has 501-c3 tax-exempt status and is registered with the State of NJ Attorney General’s Office to solicit donations.

     For more information,  to volunteer or to be considered for our Advisory Board, please log on to www.njafa.org or call McGuire directly at (856) 498-3978.