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Charges Filed against COUNCILMAN R. McCann

NJ SPCA filed cruelty charges to Chiselhurst City Councilman Robert McCann....

( to view video of pups and Coco, go to www.njafa.org )

Coco was CHAINED to her doghouse on the coldest day of 2007, February 7 in Councilman Robert McCann’s backyard and gave birth to FIFTEEN puppies while he and his mother, Rita Dickerson, stood by and watched. When we asked why they didn’t let her in, they said "She has never been in the house and has been chained for nine years and has always had her pups outside".

NJAFA had to purchase the puppies to get them out of the cold and rent the mother for $250 so the puppies could live. The owner would not let us have the puppies unless we agreed to RETURN Coco after the babies were weaned. We agreed but not without her being spayed. We also then had to purchase another puppy for another $l00. All but 5 puppies died due to hypothermia.

Sadly, we were forced to return Coco after she was done weaning the surviving puppies. Unfortunately, Coco also now has been diagnosed with Lyme and Heartworm disease.

Coco was returned to Councilman McCann and his mother, Rita Dickerson, just to be chained back up outside.

NJ SPCA filed cruelty charges to Chiselhurst City Councilman Robert McCann, 225 White Horse Pike, Chiselhurst, NJ, on May 1, 2007 for failure to provide proper shelter.

If you would like to send a letter to express your concerns on this case please contact:

Berlin Borough Court
59 S. White Horse Pike
Berlin Borough, NJ 08009
Judge: Craig Larson
Prosecutor: George Singley

Trial is set for May l6 at 9:30 am  Visit www.njafa.org for more details