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Welcome to the NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign Headquarters

The goal of the NYCSR is to tranform New York City streets so that they are safer, more productive and more livable.

  Streets can be places for neighbors to meet

New York City is defined by its vibrant and diverse streets and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, our neighborhoods and business districts are buckling under increasing amounts of dangerous car and truck  traffic.  Children can no longer play on their own blocks , while parents worry about turning cars smashing into baby carriages. Senior citizens are losing their independence, shut up in their homes for fear of crossing the street.   And shoppers and investors are being turned away by chaotic, traffic-choked avenues. 

This is unacceptable. The time is long overdue for our great city to strike a better balance between traffic and the needs of pedestrians.   

The NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign aims to:

  • Educate New Yorkers about potential transportation policy changes that will improve quality of life across New York City
  • Promote a rebalancing of this public space away from private vehicles and toward community needs
  • Demonstrate the widespread public support for reform on these issues
  • Tap the potential of New Yorkers to re-imagine their own streets

Our Initiatives:

  • Help neighborhood leaders in the fight for long overdue, common sense improvements to their neighborhood streets

To get involved, add your ideas for making New York City a better place to live and work to our Taking it Citywide Neighborhoods  page, or visit us at http://www.nycsr.org/involved.php 

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Together, we can re-imagine the streets of New York City.

Grand Street Before:

Grand Street Re-imaged as public space: