General Assembly



Facilitator: Ben


Ben introduced our protocol to the new members from today.


Richard gave an inspiring speech.  This will be available online and it was requested to be put in  next Occupied Dom Post.


Ben congratulated everyone on the weekend’s achievements and all the progress made over the last 16 days.





-There was mention that some members may be leaving the camp because of a failure of people to clean up after themselves.

-Can we remember to pick up after ourselves and keep clean.

-We have a great new camp layout with a great new Wharenui from Chris and large Whare Kai.  We must respect our spaces and keep them clean and tidy. 

-There is to be no storage, food or shoes in the Wharenui.

-Joe has laid out lost property in a few tents.  Please ask him if you have anything.

-Reminder that we a drug and alcohol free.

-We are working on the returfing logistics and working out options, but until then we need to take care of this grass – this may mean tent relocation every few days.

-Reminder that camp entrance is smoke free.



-The new food layout is arranged.  For hygiene reasons only food facilitators should go in the closed half. 

-We have food collected each night from some businesses.  Vashti needs volunteers for this.

-Food is important.  We need to see if any local businesses are wishing to donate food that food otherwise be thrown out, especially bread.



-Occupied Dompost.  It is unsure when the next edition will be released. We have paid back our printing costs for the second edition now – thank you everyone who donated towards it.

-Melbourne is reoccupying today.

-Any comms issues/questions, ask Richard and he will be able to point out the right people.

-Anyone keen to be on Radio Active see Rose

-Anyone keen to be on Backbenchers see Anne

-Reminder to be clear that during communications with media and public that you are speaking on your behalf

-We have no reason to believe that we are being evicted in the near future despite media coverage.

-Our address is “Occupy Wellington, Corner of Harris st and Jervois.

-Tali and Joel are trying to contact Unions to talk about strategy.  This will be updated as there is progress.



Actions and Workshops

-Congrats on an awesome week end.

-We have more speakers and bands wanting to get involved.

-Next Sunday is the real free trade market.  Spread the word.  Please bring anything you want to give away. 

-More workshops will be coming this week including Community Law tomorrow at 5.30pm tomorrow.

-Ian is organising workshops.  Either contact him in person or the google DOC or email him on



-We are caught up on most finances

-Do we need a limit on un-approved spending? How do we wish to use finances? Other camps have limited it as under $30 or under $50 etc.

-We need to discuss money protocol in the next few days.

-We need a finance working group.



-We need more hospitality volunteers but thank you to those who have, you’ve been doing a great job.


Safety and Wellbeing

-This is a new group that we are collecting names for.  The first task for them is finalising the safe spaces policy.

-Group circle discussed everyones opinion – “What do you need to feel safe?”

— Laptop battery died, these notes will be updated with the remainder of the GA in the next day.


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