Evening Assembly 31/10/11


Reports back from groups

Safe Spaces Policy

Actions Report:

-Reminder of Sunday’s event – The REAL  Free Trade Market  - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306419769383814

-Email o.wgtn.workshops@gmail.com if you wish to get involved with workshops.

Communications Report:

                -Comms team is working on a web development project for global consensus making.

Homebase Report:

-          Paco is having a break from Food focalising.

-          There is  a need for more food volunteers

Finances Report:

-          No money was spent today


Safer spaces proposal:

-The proposal was read (online copy @ https://www.coactivate.org/projects/occupywellington/blog/2011/11/01/25/)

- Consensus was reached on this policy. There may be some wording changes which will be done in the safer spaces working group and it will be brought to the group again in a few days.

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