Evening Assembly 7/11/11



The purpose of the camp



11/11/11 - People’s Parliament

Call when out for volunteers to help with stall on Cuba Mall and for members to join the Theater Team. This is in preparation for the People’s Parliament this Friday 11/11/11 at 5:30pm. The idea is to have the most universal and inclusive event as possible. It was also announced that an email address has been setup to receive agenda items for the event - peoplesparliament.nz@gmail.com

Our actions

Alistair spoke about everyone needing to actively engage the public. We need to be mindful of how our actions can be used against us and are perceived by the public. He also spoke about the wind turbine so we can have onsite power.


The purpose of the camp:

It was agreed that a central purpose of the camp is to gather support from the community and to help with the growth of the movement. This means that camp needs to be a safe place to be. With this in mind, the Safer Spaces working group have been working on the Occupy Wellington Kaupapa which was read out (Click here to read). Consensus was reach on this Kaupapa.

Ben added to this by clarifying how this and the policy (previously accepted through consensus) was created. He went on to say that a process was being created on how the deal with conflict as it arises in camp. Another meeting with further discussions will be held tomorrow.

A question came up in around where “the camp” technic 


Finances Report:

Our bank account has been opened - Acc# 38 9012 0198166 00

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