Evening Assembly 9/11/11

No General Assembly was held yesterday  

Facilitator – Harry



“Support for the camp” update from Kevin 

Update on what’s been happening within the Communications Team

“Meat workers union lockout” update

Against Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Banner for Trevor


“Support for the camp update” from Kevin 

Clinton Dearlove from Mana party came past camp today and expressed his support for the camp and the Occupy movement


Update on what’s been happening within the Communications Team

hops gave and update on some of the happenings within the Comms Team 

Our website

Ruben and Rich has been spending a lot of time over the last day or two improving our website. It looks really good and will be available online soon.

Occupy Aotearoa Skype conference call

The first national Skype conference has held on Monday as a result of Michael’s initiative with a follow up call last night (Tuesday). Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch was represented. This conference call was kicked off for better communication, collaboration and solidarity between the Occupations. Under discussion were things like;

…a nationwide “The People’s Parliament”  on 11.11.11 with a canned food drive over the weekend.

…high level overview on each camp and how they are going (A call went out at GA to gather support for Christchurch as they are struggling a bit with numbers)

…Dunedin received notification that the “Police don’t believe serving the Trespass Notice meets the test of balancing the rights and freedoms of all parties.”

For more detail on the conference click this link

General Organisation

The organisation within the Comms Team is going well with loads of work being done off site and till late into the night, each night. Thanks to the team.

Worldwide representative for “Rebuild the Dream”

Ruben’s had contact from a group called “Rebuild the Dream” that sent out a message to all Occupations internationally to create better communication between GAs. Ruben has been nominated as our representative. Consensus was reached that this should go ahead and that Ruben is our rep.


Meat workers union update

Call went our for us to support the locked out Meat workers union members with food. Fund raising will be done at the vegetable market this weekend. Consensus was reach that our cans from the weekend’s canned food drive should go to them. 


Against Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Some camp members supported the march Against TPPA today


Banner for Trevor

Trevor wanted to know if we were ok with a banner being hung from his apartment on The Terrace and if we could make one. Everyone agreed this was a good idea.


Finished with a song - Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi

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