Just a quick update from the communications team:

  • Website:

    Our new website is coming together nicely: occupywellington.org. There are a few wrinkles to be ironed out but we’re getting there. Any suggestions/corrections/additions can be directed to Ruben (vagekaas at gmail dot com). We’re working on the idea that the CoActivate project is an exhaustive list of all our information (minutes, press releases, media mentions, events, posters, etc.), whereas the .org website is a curated source of information, just the choicest nuggets. There is a certain amount of overlap between the two that we hope to resolve over time.

  • Occupied Dominion Post:

    Joel got a couple thousand copies of the third issue out this week. These will be uploaded to the wiki shortly but for now they are being hosted here on our old Google site and here on scoop.co.nz.

  • Vision Statement:

    A small team have been working really hard this week on a Occupy Wellington Vision Statement. This will be presented at a Special Assembly at 10am tomorrow (Friday 11/11/11) for the group to consider. This Assembly will also discuss plans for the special 11/11/11 actions, especially the People’s Parliament (details here). Please come along if you’d like to have any input for the day’s events.

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