Occupiers from Wellington (Ruby, Ruben, Nati, Hops, Ben), Dunedin (Bert and Michelle), and Christchurch (two people, sorry I didn’t catch names!) present. No Occupiers from Auckland present.

‘Cards’ application

Ruben suggests use of ‘Cards’ application to facilitate Skype meeting – all participants signed in, used system. General agreement that it’s a useful tool. URL: http://cards.rimu.geek.nz

Pike River Commemoration

Bert and Michelle say that Dunedin will be commemorating 1 year anniversary of Pike River mine disaster: November 19th – suggestion of nationwide commemoration, observing 29 minutes of silence for the 29 victims at 3.45pm.

Agreement that Wellington and Christchurch will propose this to next GA. Auckland must be contacted regarding their participation in this action.


Discussion of proposal for nationwide Occupy Aotearoa website to organize nationwide coordination/communication.  General agreement between Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington that it would be helpful to consolidate info in one place, having a national website that is then divided into regional sections for each city’s Occupy movement.

This could be used for promotion of Occupy events, coordination of nationwide actions, sharing of GA minutes between all Occupations, etc.

Hops adds that an Occupy Aotearoa Coactivate page has been set up, proposes it is used as a starting point for National website.

General agreement that Ruben will start working on Occupy Aotearoa website with regional breakdowns, but that Occupy Auckland must be consulted as soon as possible about their participation.

Communication between Occupations

Bert suggests use of Occupy Aotearoa Networking Group (Online Groups page: http://occupyaotearoa.onlinegroups.net/groups/occupy-aotearoa-networking) to coordinate communications.

Discussion of nationwide vision statement

Consensus that Wellington will make their Vision Statement available to other Occupations. They are free to use whatever they see fit, put together their own Vision Statements, and come back to the next meeting to discuss further collaborative development of a nationwide Occupy Aotearoa Vision Statement. Agreement that Auckland must be consulted regarding their participation.

People’s Parliament

Bert asks about where people want People’s Parliament to go, what function it should serve, what to do next – Bert proposes it become an ongoing weekly initiative. Dunedin has posted minutes. Wellington has posted minutes. Christchurch has taken photos of board used for discussion – will send through to other groups.

Ruby confirms that People’s Parliament will be ongoing in Wellington. Dunedin will hold it this Friday. Ruben suggests it’s ok to have it on different days in different cities, but there is agreement between Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington that it will take place this Friday at 5.30pm, as with last week.

Wellington undertakes to get posters completed ASAP and emailed through to each centre.

Christchurch proposes that we have another meeting this week to discuss the agenda / process for this week’s People’s Parliament, so it can be coordinated between Occupations.

Discussion of first People’s Parliament: Bert reports that discussion of local issues only was difficult, because all issues are global due to globalization. Group narrowed down to 5 issues, and felt it wasn’t appropriate to narrow to 3. Christchurch reports that it was difficult to keep discussion to specific local issues, to identify issues that we could directly act on.

Bert and Michelle suggest dividing issues into broad themes, to focus the discussion.

Consensus between Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington to pick themes for each week to focus discussion in People’s Parliament.

Bert and CHCH propose that we focus on national issues in next two People’s Parliaments, seeking to each nationwide consensus on specific pressing national issues. Direct action can then be planned from there.

Suggestion of holding a People’s Parliament on election weekend, on Beehive lawn. This could be a nationally promoted event, encouraging people to come to Wellington to participate. The national issues agreed upon in next two People’s Parliaments could be brought to People’s Parliament on Beehive lawn.  These issues could be publicized in the media.  These could be suggestions, recommendations or pressing issues (or another more appropriate term), rather than demands.

Michelle suggests each Occupy comes up with lists of recommended corporations to boycott. Bert suggests this could be angled towards Christmas consumerism, and having a PRO list as well as an ANTI list, so it’s not solely negative.

Ruby suggests listing the company name, and describing the reason for boycott.  This list could then be publicized in the media.

CHCH suggests organizing specific rallies leading up to election – (anti-fracking rally etc.). Ruby says an anti-fracking rally is already occurring in Wellington, this Wednesday (Nov 16th).

Preparation for Next National Skype meeting

Proposal for next meeting: Weds Nov 16th at 9pm.

Ben offers to set up a Google doc for each discussion point for next meeting, which each group can add to on Tues and Weds:

  • Pike River Commemoration
  • National Website
  • National Vision Statement
  • People’s Parliament

Point to research, brought up by Michelle:

Russell Malcolm – Auckland man posting information about Rena, arrested for ‘misuse of a telephone’, John Key personally contacted to set bail conditions, which included a restriction on posting information about Rena on Facebook.



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