• Ben focalising:
  • Main agenda item: how to reply to the council’s letter requesting a definite date of departure for Occupy Wellington.
  • Ben opened by reading our Vision Statement - received with applause
  • Followed by Joel reading the Council’s letter - received with groans
  • Followed by Rich reading the draft outline of our letter of reply
  • It was decided by consensus that we would indeed send a letter of reply, and that we would indicate no definite end date to the occupation in Wellington, rather that we would expect to leave once the concerns raised in our Vision Statement were solved.
  • The draft was generally accepted, then we spent a half hour taking suggestions for additions and changes.
  • It was decided that the Working Group would meet onsite at 12 noon on Thursday to incorporate these changes, and present them at a Special Assembly at 7pm for final approval before being delivered to the council and wider media on Friday. Anyone with concerns about this letter should bring them to the Working Group meeting.
  • Mike told us about occupations he has been part of in the past to reclaim Maori land; suggests that they occupied one by one and won one by one, not by sitting in Civic Square and demanding all stolen land to be repatriated. He invited us to bear in mind the occupation will end at some point, and when it is over, maintain your activism. He also stressed the need to keep the message clear and engage with the wider public.
  • Tali to focalise Friday action group in solidarity with NYC evictees.
  • Group traveling to Marton tonight to support meat workers.
  • Stay tuned for more details :)

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