General Assembly



Facilitator – Joel and Martin


Joel ran through general GA processes for new people


·         We have a kiwi bank account with double signatory access.  This can be done online for ease.

·         $120.00 has been paid towards the Occupy Dom Post printing (Still need to pay  $159.00)

·         $60.00 koha to 128 for kitchen facilities.

·         Cillian, Kerry and Paco will audit Joel’s temporary bank account

·         We need to replace a tarp at $150.00


·         Ruby thanked the group for a successful day with Occupy Your Mind

·         Same schedule for tomorrow (open lectures 11-3 with music after)

·         More volunteers for the morning set up

·         Next weekend we have a parliament march on Saturday

·         Free market next  Sunday.  A money free market with trading and giving away.

·         Action meeting after GA every day

·         We would like a workshop to learn about Maori heritage. Kerry stated that Pakeha can identify with Tau iwi or “many tribes from outside”. We should contact Pipitia Marae to speak on the issues related to this land however this may not be possible. Tim and Ruby will action this.

·         Thank you to Mike who provided the microphone and speaker for today’s Occupy Your Mind



·         More flyers need to be handed out. Please take and distribute.

·         Coms meeting happen every weekday at 2.00pm at Clarks Cafe.

·         Website is being improved by Ryn.  Any info email  This is including a wish list and a how can you help list.

·         Suggestion board has been suggested.

·         Dom Post has released reports that make it sound like we are being threatened with eviction, this is not the case. We have had communication with the council and Capital E and we are running smoothly.

·         Coverage has happened on the Open University idea.  We need more help spreading the word. This includes facebook invites please.

·         We need more stories for Occupied Dom Post.  Please email

·         Second issue of Occupied Dom Post has been released -


·         Last tents need to move up tomorrow for Monday’s Capital E’s event.  Volunteers would be useful.  Please see Paco or Benjamin re this.

·         We are creating as better camp wish list.

·         Last night was a poor show for hospo.  We need more people to volunteer.

·         Last night an external camp person came making threats.  This was a bit scary for some people.  Please don’t feel afraid to call the police in this situation.

·         Today many tents were moved.  If yours was one then you should recheck your tent, to make sure it is gale proof.

·         Alex is now the focaliser for hospitality

Safe Spaces Policy

·         A safe spaces proposal was put to the general assembly and is as follows:

·         Occupy Wellington Safer Space Policy

To build a conscious and inclusive movement, we need to be aware of power structures that exist within the 99%. While in capitalist society the richest 1% hold the bulk of resources and power, there are hierarchies within the global majority.


We have no illusions that Occupy Wellington is free from all threats. By occupying this space, and participating in political debate, we take risks including state violence and monitoring. Though no space can ever be completely safe, we can still work towards creating an environment where people are both comfortable with challenging, and encouraged to challenge, oppressive behaviour.


This requires a conscious approach. It is difficult to establish and easy to destroy.


-To oppose all forms of oppression, we cannot tolerate views that openly support oppression. This means members of hate groups are not part of our movement.


-Sexual violence and harassment is not acceptable anywhere, and will not be tolerated here. We must respect physical and emotional boundaries, gaining active consent when engaging with people.

- Support survivors of abuse, believing them and keeping the space safe for them.

-People communicate a lot without intending to. Each speaker must take responsibility for messages they communicate, intended or otherwise.

-Responsibility to educate on the nature of oppression, and to point out oppressive behaviour, is collective. It should not be left to queers to challenge all queerphobia, women to challenge all sexism and so on.


-Facilitators should place priority on speakers from marginalised groups, or those who have not spoken before.

-Occupy Wellington is an alcohol and drug-free space.

Anyone not respecting these principles may be asked to leave the occupation.


·         No one raised any disagreements with this policy, however it will be brought to general assembly again tomorrow, so more people have an opportunity to have their say.

Number one priority

·         The idea of creating our “Number one priority” was brought up

·         It was mentioned that everyone has an individual number one priority

·         It was suggested that a separate assembly be used to discuss every individual’s number one priority

Robert’s laptop has been returned.

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General Assembly



Facilitator – Julia

Missing property

·         Roberts’s laptop has gone missing from his bag near the food tent – If you have any information please see Robert. It is an Asus Net book with broken hinge and a silver external hard drive.  Robert is willing to give amenity and pay to get his computer back.

·         Ryn is missing a camera interface.  A plastic piece that has cable ports on it.

·         Please keep your valuables near you as we don’t this to be a problem.



·         The space.  Let’s keep this place family friendly.  This involves alcohol drugs and keeping it tidy as we have been doing.

Communications Report

·         Website has taken a lot of time today so no international news.

·         We need to organise roles/tasks better.  This will be done through  This website is viewable to the public. It ranks jobs which need to be done in order of urgency.

·         Scoop has opened a blog for occupy -

·         We will have a second issue of occupy dominion post tomorrow.  If you would like to contribute to the third please contact  Especially details of other occupations in New Zealand.

·         Should we send an occupy Wellington delegation to Auckland?

Strypy is in Christchurch.  Do we have anyone in Auckland?  Skype?  Internet and power issues?

·         We are trying to consolidate our wish list on all platforms.  If you have an item for it please email it to

·         Occupy Dom post has been covered out of people’s pockets.  Any printing help would be awesome.  Callum can perhaps help with this.

Actions Report

·         We have been pushing this weekend’s event “Occupy Wellington Community Education Initiative”.  We need a flier drop for this as soon as this meeting over.  Academic support for this has been awesome with this by providing lectures and spreading news.  This has got good feedback from national radio; they will be here hopefully to show the event.


·         This weekend 11- 5 both days of lectures and music – poster mission happening tonight

·         Next Saturday is November the 5th or Parihaka day

·         Next week we should be more organised on flyer release.



Other matters

·         Do we want a bicycle power generator?  Yes please.

·         We need to get $60 to 128 for the last two weeks (this is towards their power and gas that has been used cooking meals for Occupy Wellington).  This has been passed through consensus.

·         Today Ben has talked to three senior managers of the council today regarding the rumours of evictions.  He has discussed the capital E event and they are aware that Capital E is happy with us.  They are not going to throw us out without prior warning.

·         Is electricity an option?  This is not practical at this point.  The council is not willing to give it us and we can’t deal with a private company and the problems that this includes.

·         Actions should have a cell phone and email.

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·         Evening assembly began with a summary of what the “Action” group had organised:

Occupy Your Mind Weekend of Open Lectures on Problems and Solutions for Economics and Environment


This weekend (29th-30th October) the Occupy Wellington movement is running a series of open lectures on problems and solutions for economic and environmental issues in Civic Square from 11am-3pm. Speakers include academics, professionals, and experts from the community. Lectures will address economic issues, including the proposed Robin Hood tax, the TPPA, the role of the media in the global financial crisis, as well as environmental issues, including offshore drilling, the Rena oil spill, and food justice. The lectures will be followed by performances by prominent local musicians. This initiative represents an attempt to stimulate the first steps towards a community-based democratic tertiary education platform.


            Saturday 29th October


11am:   Michael Williams (Worker’s Rights Campaigner): Rena - Causes and Consequences.

12pm:   Mike Smith (Environmental advocate): Economics, Oil and the Environment.

1pm:     Grant Brookes (Tax Justice spokesperson) – Introducing the Robin Hood Tax.

2pm:      Bill Rosenberg (CTU Policy Director): The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and its                  Likely Effects.

2.45pm: Dr Peter Thompson (Senior Lecturer, School of English Film Theatre and Media                            Studies): Media and the Global Financial Crisis.

3.30pm: Sarah Meads (Senior Policy Advisor, Oxfam NZ): Food Justice - Social Justice, Food                   and Climate.

4.30pm: Seth Frightening and Special Guests 




            Sunday 30th October


11am: Dr Andrew McGregor (Senior Lecturer, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences)                     – Ethical Food Choices

12pm: Mary Bryne (Fluoride Action Network NZ) Hazardous waste in the water

1pm: Jimmy Green (Generation Zero) - Youth and climate change

2pm: Miles Thompson - Understanding money in the social network

3pm: Newtown Rocksteady Unplugged with special guests Sam Manzanza and Matiu Te Huki

·         Next international news was read out – specifically the raids which happened in Oakland -

·         There was also mention again of raids the occurred in Melbourne and Sydney, and suggestion that we do something similar to Auckland. Occupy Auckland wrote and open letter to the PM of Australia condemning the raids.

·         An article by 3news was mentioned, after a comment by an occupier was manipulated. Occupier Chistopher had stayed at the camp 10 nights of 13. This comment was used to somehow suggest that Occupy Wellington was called a “part time protest”. Support was offered to Chris as his comment was completely justified.

·         A suggestion from Auckland’s comm team was brought up, that perhaps anyone approached by the media should decline comment and refer reporters to the comms team. This suggestion wasn’t popular due to several reasons. In no way do we want the comms team to seem like a spokesperson for Occupy Wellington. Each individual has the right to speak to the media should they wish, but perhaps they should think about what they might like to say and also ask to be refered to as an occupier, over a spokesperson. It was brought up that if the media wish to put a negative spin on the Occupy camps, they will do, regardless of who talks to the media. It was also mentioned that most of the mainstream coverage wasn’t too bad anyway.

·         A new method for organisation of working groups in the camp was proposed. There are three headings of working groups, all equally important. Homebase group, which includes hospitality and food groups. Comms group, which is responsible for press-releases and updating online platforms of communication. And finally, Action group, which is responsible for organising events. Everyone is able to write their name on a group as well as ideas on a blackboard in the info tent.

·         Action for November 5th planning is to be left until after Halloween.

·         There will be a Halloween party on Monday 31st Oct.

·         Capital E have requested we move our tents off the bottom field for their Halloween event. This needs to be done by 6pm Sunday. We are able to move the tents back on Tuesday the 1st of November.

·         A request for hot drink facilities at the info tent was made.

·         Complaints from passersby were brought up regarding the chalk on the pyramid sculpture. It was agreed that if this is offending people then it is probably not a good idea to do this. We will do our best to stop chalking on the pyramid on the side facing the library, and it may need to be brought up again to people who were not at this evening’s general assembly.

·         Friday the 28th workshops are:

10am -  NZ constitution workshop3pm – Patch making craft time

4pm – Queer communities and Capitalism

5:30pm – Halloween Critical Mass.

Comms team apologise for the delays in updating Coactivate with our meetings’ minutes.

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This assembly was organised urgently to decide what would be the best action over the request for Occupy Wellington to move all of their tents from Jack Ilott Green to make way for the All Blacks’ celebratory parade over winning the RWC.

However, just before 4pm news came through that due to the wet weather, the parade route had been altered to start at civic square, rather than by the rugby statue in  Jack Ilott Green, so there was no longer a request to move tents from  Jack Ilott Green.

There was disappointment from some occupiers who had wanted to engage in celebrations and offer face painting, food and beverages for the parade.

It was brought up that Capital E, which is located on in Civic Square, had booked much of the space of civic square for a Halloween party on Mon 31st of October, and the council has asked us to leave by then.

It was decided to hear views on this matter now and then report them back to the evening’s general assembly.

Views were ranged between a desire to compromise and desire to hold ground. There was an agreement that we wanted to continue occupying, but could share spaces. There were views expressed by individuals who wished to help capital E with the event, offering volunteer hours and activities such as face painting and decorations.  

Further discussion was left until evening assembly.

A few people volunteered to liaise with the council on the Halloween party matter.One person mentioned that we should be looking into more solar charges so we can always have video cameras charged.

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Tuesday 25th October 2011, morning assembly.

17 attending

Agenda formation;

Celia and Gary came past and had an informal meeting. An issue discussed was in regards to extending the open hours of the toilet. The response was that there was not funding within the council to facilitate keeping the toilets open longer. (at night)

Occupy welcome for the all blacks

Electricity will be reassessed within the general meetings if relations with the council improves and a group consensus can be reached.

Darren from the RWC was going to come by today to discuss how they are running the event/march on Wednesday.

Alistair suggested we need to establish council and police contacts. Paul Reid is an important point of contact.

Increasing relations with unions and/or any other supporting groups (outreach), needs to start happening. Create a Business/Organisations that support Occupy list on website?

Announced that is now up and running.


Raid Rumours:

A rumour spread of possible nation-wide eviction. The rumour came about as follows; Occupy Dunedin occupant Bert spoke to TV3 journalist Amanda Burns Francis who believed there was an eviction happening Tuesday nation-wide. Alistair talked to Amanda last night and found that she had heard the information from a Dunedin councillor who is not in support of

the occupy movement and the councillor had suggested eviction to the police.

Dunedin is fine there was no eviction there also.

John had an important message not to feel fearful but to go with what you feel within.

Rugby: Name – point raised

Izzy; A cleaning bee , banner for the equality fan zone, face paint.

Strypey; Darren from the council will be coming down today to discuss the festivities of tomorrow. Suggestion of pulling back camp to make space on the lawn, a hospo buffer-zone, offer food, facepaint, and photos. Also message for comms to get a message out on FB to ask people to bring food down for tomorrow.

Paco; discussed a shortage of food in the camp we would need more to cater for the influx of people. Talk of forming a dumpster sub-group committee.

This bought up the issue of money for supporting advocacy for events such as this. Needs to be discussed in further GA.

Need flyers more info to hand out etc… Callum offered free printing.

-The comms welcome AB’s statement was agreed upon.

Police and council liaisons came forward; Strypey, Ben, and John.

Union & Organisation outreach; Tali who is a union organiser for workers rights came down with the suggestion of creating relations with unions this was agreed upon with consensus.



Food Kitchen – Paco, Ben

Food/Water – Tom, Kat

Comms – subgroup

Council Police – Ben, John, Strypey

Hospo – Paul

Tomorrow’s event hospo – Strypey

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We started with the usual name and intro round, in what ended up another large circle, notably a group that came down today from Occupy Auckland. Ben offered to facilitate the morning assembly tomorrow, unanimous consensus on that.

A number of practical issues were addressed, including the need for more donations of food. This segued into a discussion money. Those who had earlier expressed a desire not to involve money in the occupation have now withdrawn their objections, and consensus was reached to have our koha focalisers investigate opening a bank account, and accepting any sharing of funds Occupy Auckland still want to offer. We also had consensus that koha could be spent on food, medical supplies, cooking gas, and photocopying. Food, Wellbeing, and Comms focalisers will communicate with the koha focalisers about  what needs to be bought, and feedback regularly to General Assemblies.

Then we moved onto feedback from the queer caucus. The issues raised included feeling unsupported by the group, objecting to being told to “get a backbone” or told that they are responsible for their interpretation of other people’s communication, group discussion being dominated by straight, white, male voices, a need for better facilitation to ensure other voices are heard, and need for respect for the space of caucus groups when they are meeting to address their collective needs. An open discussion covered a range of views. One point raised was that Individuals who admit that they may be wrong in bigoted views may be worth engaging with to help them move beyond those views. but there was a strong consensus to maintain the unity and inclusiveness of the occupation, to keep it a safe space, and to challenge the participation of any group and individual defending any form of oppression.

This segued into a discussion about anti-semitism, with one person of Jewish extraction saying he had felt excluded from Occupy, feeling that the movement was passively tolerant of anti-Jewish rhetoric. There was a clear consensus that anti-semitism, being a form of oppression, was not welcome in Occupy Wellington, and that people are ready and willing to actively challenge such bigotry.

It was mentioned that there is a difference between interpersonal disagreements, and political beliefs that dehumanise particular groups. One person offered to be a third-party/ mediator to help resolve interpersonal conflict among occupiers. There was also a request for people to be mindful of their use of language, to minimise the chance of being misunderstood, or unwittingly causing offence. Strong views were expressed that fascists/ neo-nazis should be kept out of camp, and that any attempt to engage constructively with them should happen elsewhere. There was a strong consensus that any behaviour or aggressive communication that violated our kaupapa of opposing all forms of oppression would be kept out of camp by a conscious group effort.

We also briefly discussed the need to prepare for the day of action on Labour Day monday. A camp clean-up will happen tomorrow, with as many volunteers as possible. There was consensus that if a generator was available, so we can use sound systems and projectors, that we should use it. There was discussion about the need to choose and prepare spaces for workshops, music, and other activities, including erecting shelter structures.

One of the workshop focalisers offered to hold a subgroup meeting after assembly, to discuss further planning and preparation for Monday. A list of workshops is up on the wiki, and a list of performers will be added, These will be updated as often as possible. Please spread the word about Monday, the more people who come down to participate, the more strength the occupation will gain to get through the next week.

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Firstly, apologies for all for not blogging notes over the last few days. Comms team have been busy with a range of tasks, including networking with other centres, keeping on top of various social media accounts, writing press releases, and looking after the camp phone. I will do my best to make sure we keep on top of this from now on.

This morning’s general assembly mainly focussed on group communication, and being prepared for a range of possible responses from the authorities as our occupation continues. There have been suggestions that the Council want us to leave by the end of Monday, but consensus at the Day 7 evening assembly was that we continue to occupy, and this is unchanged. We talked a lot about being compassionate with each other, speaking gently AND hearing gently, remembering that people are going to get tired and grumpy due to hard work and lack of sleep. We also agreed that we will run workshops on peaceful resistance, so people are prepared for a range of things that may happen.

In the early afternoon, a special assembly was called in response to concern among some occupiers that the National Front might come to Civic Square. A 2 hour spontaneous assembly addressed the issues involved. We had consensus that we oppose all forms of oppression, as laid down in our statement of intent, we do not support having the National Front participate in occupy. We also have consensus that we will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards oppressed groups - or anyone - or any psychological violence, including speech that leaves people feeling marginalised or unsafe.

A number of people pointed out that the sort of people who are attracted to hate groups like the National Front are still part of the 99%, often hurt and disempowered by the same state-corporate systems we are demonstrating alternatives to. Where possible we would like to help them move beyond their bigotry, but not at the expense of the wellbeing of our whanau who are the subject of their bigotry.

Some people expressed that they still felt unsafe and unsupported by some people in the occupation, and decided to have a queer caucus discussion about issues they would like to ask the occupation to address, and what they’d like to ask of us. They agreed to feedback to the evening assembly for further discussion.

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Before assembly, people got into subgroups to discuss what needs to be done today for different aspects of the camp. A TV One News crew turned up, and filmed the current state of camp, and the general assembly in progress. Some people also decided to give personal statements to them. During assembly a photographer came down from the Capital Times, and asked a few questions about what’s going on.

We had hospitality challenges this morning with a couple of difficult personalities who arrived during assembly. They too are the part of the 99%, and their behaviour can be seen as results of the social and economic power imbalances we are here to highlight. We had to exercise patience and compassion, and did our best to include them.

A quick summary of this morning’s assembly:

  • Consensus on rotating the person facilitating assembly - a different person each time
  • Opening round
  • Focalisers for aspects of occupation organising were reconfirmed and rotated as appropriate
  • Report backs from subgroups
  • Comms will ensure occupation SIM is always in a working cell phone, to be held by whoever is on hospitality, # is 022 6022 753
  • Other Occupations: we have comms with AK. AK intend to set up Occupy NZ wiki. Still working on contacting Otautahi and Otepoti
  • Community Outreach are working on suggestions for an organised day(s) of workshops and discussions, and call-out for more people to lead and participate in them, and to spread the word through their social networks about any events being held as part of the occupation
  • Food/ Water ask for people donating food to do their best to be inclusive, with options for vegetarians/ vegans, and those who are gluten-free
  • Camp will put up a white board with names and numbers of people with vehicles
  • Wellbeing will put up a white board with names and numbers of those with first aid training
  • Hospitality are asking people to volunteer for hospitality shifts through the day,  2 per shift, to greet and orientate newcomers, chat with passers-by, and generally keep an eye on camp
  • Discussion on how to deal with the growing numbers, and the pressure that’s being put on our current camping site. Consensus to hold the current camp space as home base, and spread the occupation into other parts of Civic Square, starting with rebuilding the big tarp communal structure on Jack Ilott Green, below the bridge.
  • There will be sign-making at 128 today to make our presence on and around the bridge more visible, please go down and help if you can
  • Further discussions of the money and time management issues, and report-back from someone who’s been at Occupy AK, were deferred to evening assembly

At this point I am stepping back from Comms focalising, and will attempt to get one of the other Comms focalisers to write up notes from the next few assemblies.

On a personal note, I really want to emphasise that we need people’s presence during the day shift, as much if not more than during the night. The potential exists to turn the occupation into a ‘people’s parliament’ with discussions about the many issues that affect different sections of the 99%, skill-sharing and knowledge-sharing workshops, art and music, and so much more. All this depends on having people to come down to lead and participate. We are the 99% - not just those of us already on the bridge, but all of you too!

He mihi aroha


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I missed evening assembly to give a presentation about Occupy Wellington at the Open Ur Eyes documentary screening, held at the Southern Cross, which was really positive. While I was there I got a call from Occupy Auckland, and we now have confirmed lines of communication with them. Still working on getting in touch with comms teams in Otautahi (ChCH) and Otepoti (DnDn). After checking in with people who were there, the main topic of discussion was an offer from Occupy AK to share with us some of their funds. Some people felt strongly about exchanging resources with people directly, rather than having it mediated by money. Others pointed out that cash is already being spent by individuals on various occupations expenses (vehicle fuel, cooking gas, credit for the camp phone etc), and that some people are in a position to give energy in the form of cash, but not time. Consensus was not reached about whether to invite cash donations, or how they would be managed.

There was also a discussion about time management, and whether we use clock time to define when meals, assemblies, and events happen, or use natural time (sunrise, sunset etc). A consensus was reached to set the clock time of 10am for the next morning assembly, but to keep the discussion open. Other agenda items were deferred to the morning.

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We started with a quick round of the talking baton, so people could express how they’re feeling about the occupation so far, and to throw out agenda items. I have recorded the discussion as I remember it, working off the agenda items I noted down during the opening round. Items are not necessarily in the order discussed.

After bringing the assembly up to speed with the events of the morning, including the communications with the council workers and police, we had a report back from the communications subgroup who had a smaller circle after last night’s assembly to write a statement summing up the intent of our occupation. After some minor wording tweaks from the floor, related to the Occupy movement starting before Occupy Wall St, consensus emerged on putting out the following statement of intent (this may be changed, or other statements created, in later assemblies):

“We are occupying Civic Square as a part of the global Occupy Together movement. We are unaffiliated, and opposed to all forms of oppression, especially economic inequality. We are an inclusive, family-friendly, drug and alcohol free space. Join us - together, we are the 99%”

We then moved onto practicalities. Volunteers were sought to help sort through the food that has been donated so far, identify what needs to be eaten immediately, and what has already become compost, and to generally tidy and organise the food tent. Someone volunteered to take the food scaps we have assembled so far to the compost bins at Innermost Gardens, in Mt Victoria. One person volunteered their flat to be used for washing dishes, and two others volunteered to wash the dirty dishes that had piled up so far.

A request was made for some trestle tables, that could be used for things like serving food. One person volunteered to contact VUWSA about borrowing some from them.

There was some discussion about the need for an electrical supply. One of the comms focalisers volunteered to speak to council today about whether we can get the power point near the maunga switched on. The need for a weather-proof multibox for that outlet was raised. There was some discussion of a generator, but much disensus due to noise, cost of fuel, and not fitting our kaupapa of offering alternatives.

We quickly ran through our list or focalisers/ co-ordinators for different aspects of the occupation (food/ water, hospitality, infrastructure, health and safety etc), and checked who was still in camp, and whether they were happy to carry on in their roles, with a few roles rotated. The need for a white board was raised - to hold this kind of information and easily keep it up-to-date.

A request was made to keep noise down between midnight and 6am, so that occupiers who need to sleep can do that. Consensus was that loud activities like drumming, singing and other revelry can be taken to other areas during those times, but moderate conversation by those doing overnight hospitality shifts is fine.

One person suggested a small group go for a walk down Lambton Quay, talking to people about the occupation and the issues we have created this space to address.

A number of workshops have been offered. Times have been pencilled in during the late afternoon and evening. Again, a white board would be handy for putting up workshops times, locations and other details.

Consensus was instantly reached that the occupation will continue for another night, and that another decision will be made at tomorrow’s morning assembly about whether to continue the occupation. The general mood seems to be to continue occupying indefinitely.

Finally, we discussed the idea of offering the energy of our occupation to help out with community projects. A number of suggestions were made, including working bees at inner-city community gardens, and clean-ups around the waterfront. A suggestion was made to contact Volunteer Wellington about possible projects, and to put the word out through social networking for community groups to contact us. Soon after, more City Care workers arrived the mulch the tussock beds bordering the green area we are occupying. A number of occupiers decided to walk the talk of community working bees by helping these workers carry buckets of mulch from their truck.

We closed the assembly with another round of passing the baton, giving everyone a chance to share final thoughts before we broke off to go get our various tasks done. An encouraging and efficient meeting, and a pleasure to sit in circle with everyone for it.

The sun is shining, and although there are some challenges to weighting things down as the wind blows, spirits are high. Great discussions are going on all the time about the way our legal and economic systems work, and what alternatives there are, or could be. We have opened a space for the people of Whanganui-a-Tara, and people from around the world, to believe that other worlds are possible, and that we have the power to bring them into being.

He mihi aroha


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