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Independent Media

**31/10/2011 Freedom Press (UK) Economic Overview 2011

21/10/2011: Indymedia: Occupy Movement Digs in Around Aotearoa

Any independent reporting, photos etc (including those on social media) can be published by anyone on the Aotearoa Independent Media Centre, just click the big green publish button. Please link content that can be added to this feature story above.

Corporate Media reports about Occupy Wellington

31/01/2012 DomPost Occupy Wellington protesters evicted

12/11/2011 DomPost Occupiers told to go by polling day
11/11/2011 National Radio Occupier Rich on the Panel

09/11/2011 Capital Times Maybe they'll know it when they get there

04/11/2011: Dom Post: Occupy Wellington is an Ethics Debate 
03/11/2011: TV One News: ANZ Profit soars above $1b mark
30/10/2011: Dom Post: Occupiers Shift for Kid's Halloween Party

28/10/2011: Dom Post: Occupy Camp to Vacate Green 
25/10/2011: Dom Post: Occupy Wellington Told to Move for ABs 
25/10/2011: Scoop.co.nz:  Rumours Spread of Nationwide Police Raids on Occupy Aotearoa 
23/10/2011 from the dom Post proving once again they can copy paste Occupy Numbers Swell this is the press release from occupy welly 
21/10/2011 from Scoop Wellington Mayor and MP's visit Civic Square campers 

20/10/2011: Dom Post: Welcome to Occupy Wellington  
19/10/2011: Dom Post: Protesters Hope to Stay Till Election
18/10/2011: Dom Post: Weather Won't Dampen Protest Camp
17/10/2011: Breakfast TV: John Key on Occupy Wall Street

16/10/2011: Scoop.co.nz:  Occupy Wellington Sets Up Camp in Civic Square
14/11/2011: Dom Post: Occupy Protesters Won't Sum Up Cause
12/10/2011: Dom Post:  Wellington Protesters Sick of Inequality
11/10/2011: Dom Post: Occupy Wellington Week-long Protest Planned

Corporate Media reports about Occupy Aotearoa

04/11/2011 NZ Herald: Dunedin Mayor Proposes Occupy Protest Deal

03/11/2011: NZ Herald: Occupy Group at Moment of Truth

02/11/2011: Otago Daily Times: Ejecting Octagon Protesters "Not Straightforward": Police

**25/10/2011 Public Address Don't call it a protest

23/10/2011 from Scoop Rumors spread of a nation wide eviction 
23/10/2011 Citizen Journalists photo-documents Occupy Auckland
22/10/2011 Occupy Dunedin Square webcam can be found here
** 20/10/2011: Otago Daily Times: Occupy Protesters Take Council to Task
**20/10/2011 from Occupy New Plymouth Protester wants to change System
20/10/2011 Auckland CC talking about turning the square into a fanzone!!! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10760354
20/10/2011 Southland Times: Occupy Protesters Set Up Camp
20/10/2011 The Press: Occupy Christchruch Protesters occupy park despite storm  
19/10/2011 Occupy Dunedin invited to speak to the Mayor and Chief Executive of the Dunedin City Council 
19/10/2011  Occupy Wall St Has Message for Kiwis
19/10/2011 Timaru Herald: Signs of Occupy Movement in Timaru - Occupy Timaru starting perhaps?
18/10/2011 Scoop.co.nz:  Occupy Aotearoa: A Brief Summary
** 17/10/2011 NZ Herald: Protesters Claim Right to Stay in Dunedin's Octagon Media Reports of note from around the world

Bloggs of note

07/11/2011 George Monbiot The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen

 **01/11/2011 Noam Chomsky speaks to Occupy  Boston http://www.alternet.org/story/152933/noam_chomsky_speaks_to_occupy%3A_if_we_want_a_chance_at_a_decent_future%2C_the_movement_here_and_around_the_world_must_grow/?page=entire

 31/10/2011 Occupy Wellington photo-project makes it to BoingBoing  http://boingboing.net/tag/new-zealand

 **27/10/2011 Green blog second week roundup Occupy Wellington in it's second week

25/10/2011 Citizen Journalist, Tatjna's blogg update http://tatjna.livejournal.com/774258.html
23/10/2011: Photos of Occupy the Octagon on Peter George's blog
**24/10/2011 Shakesville round-up newsblogg Occupy everywhere
22/10/2011 Franking Speaking Another Wellington blogger Writing on Occupy Wellington
22/10/2011 Green blogg update on Occupy Wellington
22/10/2011 Occupy Wining a blog from an american who is talking about how to present to the media 
21/10/2011 blog post from a Wellington photographic enthuse Capital Adventures 
21/10/2011 Daily Updates from Occupy Christchruch via The Little Pakeha
21/10/2011 Tatjna's blog on Rick who was at occupy yesterday http://tatjna.livejournal.com/773784.html
20/10/2011 Drew from Ramati's blog about Occupy
20/10/2011 Grant Brookes: Occupy Wellington: A Focus for the 99%
20/10/2011 Pete George:  Who is Occupying Dunedin? Mana and Greens?
20/10/2011 Tatjna's blog with more about Occupy Wellington http://tatjna.livejournal.com/773404.html
19/10/2011 Drew: Occupy Movement
19/10/2011 Pete George: Occupy Dunedin
19/10/2011 Tatjna aka Wendy with the pink hair has written about occupy wellington on her journal (lj) http://tatjna.livejournal.com/773189.html  there will be other postings to it will be a good journal to keep and eye on.
18//10/2011: Stuart Bramhall: Occupy New Plymouth: Day 5

Reports of other Occupy movements

27/11/2011 (US time) livestream from LA, eviction Sun night Occupy Los Angeles

27/11/2011 (US time) livestream from Philly, eviction GA now Occupy Philadelphia

28/11/2011 NZ Herald story on global Occupy evictions in train Occupy Protesters stay put

14/11/2011 The Occupy Melbourne Digest The Morning Edition 14/11/2011

13/11/2011 Occupy Oakland gets third eviction notice

12/11/2011 The Occupy Melbourne Digest The Morning Edition 12/11/2011

11/11/2011 Occupy The London Stock Exchange Not the Lord Mayor's show

**11/11/2011 Daily Mail (UK) Occupy Vermont, Oakland deaths

11/11/2011 Berkley Daily Planet Will the real Occupy Berkley please stand up? 

11/11/2011 Burlington Free Press Burlington Police statement on Occupy Burlington (Vermont) protesters 

11/11/2011 NYT reports Mayor calls for Occupy Oakland to clear camp after shooting

11/11/2011 Shooting death at Occupy Burlington (Vermont), Burlington Police close half of Occupy Burlington, protesters gather in church 

10/11/2011 USA Today A man dies of a gunshot at an Occupy Vermont camp


10/11/2011 LA Times 39 arrested on the campus of UC Berkeley 

10/11/2011 Occupy Melbourne re-occupy Treasury Gardens 12/11/2011

9/11/2011 (video) Occupy Berkley Police beat protesters

**8/11/2011 Eve Ensler Ambiguous UpSparkles From the Heart of the Park part three

**4/11/2011 OWS Transforming Harm and Building Safety

**3/11/2011 BoingBoing Guy Fawkes OWS bandanna

**2/11/2011 Occupy Oakland press release General Strike Shuts Port of Oakland and Downtown Banks

**28/10/2011 Occupy Oakland report (re-published on Scoop, originally at Truthout.org) Then they fight you

22/10/2011 5am raids on Occupy Sydney (from the occupy sydney website)
22/10/2011 Sydney Morning herald Occupy Melbourne protesters to reconvene**20/10/2011

Eve Ensler Ambiguous Upsparkles from the heart of the Park part two
19/10/2011 Dom Post Letter to the Dom Post by John Shone
17/10/2011 Dom Post: Occupy Protests Catch On
17/10/2011: Taranaki Daily News: Protesters Line Up Against Corporates

**10/10/2011 Eve Ensler Ambiguous Upsparkles from the heart of the Park part one

10/10/2011 Dom Post: Occupy Wall St is no Arab Spring 

Video about the Occupy movement

13/11/2011 Occupy Portland - Police take out two parks, protest re-groups

**27/10/2011 Media 7 (TVNZ) on Occupy Wall St and the local arms

24/10/2010 You Tube Occupy Melbourne and Sydney shut downs   (6:20 mins)
22/10/2011  New Scientist Reveals - the capitalist network that runs the world
22/10/2011 Occupy Wall Street video where to go from here <-- very inspirational might need tissues
21/10/2011 Occupy Melbourn is evicted a video from what happened
19/10/2011 Fox news advert, which is accusing the occupy movement of being anti semitic, (somewhat sickening actually especially when there are comments at suggest that this person is a paid actor )  *coughs* propaganda ahoy! anyhoo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIlRQCPJcew&feature=player_embedded
19/10/2011 however here is a video about the above how it is a trick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUGVPBO9_cA&feature=youtu.be
19/10/2011 This is the video of an X Marine telling the NYPD off it is most excellent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By8MDDwNIvE&feature=player_embedded
19/10/2011 This is a link to the article for the the lady who videoed those who were arrested at the citybank when trying to close their accounts. 


Live Streams for Occupy New Zealand


Fun Stuff happening in the Occupy Movement

err, date uncertain, sometime recently? Working Behind Enemy Lines Paternoster Square stunt

19/10/2011 Marriage proposal at Occupy Wall Street  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KzMT2u0nlE&feature=youtu.be