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The occupation continues at Civic Square. Come on down and join us! Whether for a quick visit to show support, to hang out for a few hours and join the discussions and activity, or to camp out. Nau mai, haere mail!

We have a range of Activities being planned, and invite you to plan more. This is your occupation too. You are the 99%, we are the 99%!

Camp phone: 022 6022 753 | Email: Occupy.Wellington@gmail.com

You can also keep in touch through the email list:


...and for those of you who Twitter, by following the hashtag #owgtn

Anyone who wants to support us by photocopying and distributing flyers and postering about the occupation, can print off the originals attached to this page:


Occupy Together Field Guide (Aotearoa version)

Aotearoa networking: Email list | Wiki

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