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Tentative schedule

Friday 12:00 PM, Wallach Lounge
Eben Moglen, Law School Professor
on the future of free software

Friday 1:30pm, Wallach Lounge
Begin writing content and coding app

Friday 5:00 PM, Wallach Lounge
Susan Crawford, Blogger and Professor
on the future of the Internet

Saturday 12:00pm, Wallach Lounge
Continue coding app

Developer schedule
Proposed specs
Team Awesome, aka The Cooks
Event flyer
OLPC content jam to-do list
 Human Interface Guidelines

One Laptop Per Child seeks to build $100 laptops for 5 million children in the developing world. As part of this project, OLPC is organizing a "New York Journalism Jam" on Columbia's campus. The Jam will bring programmers, journalists, and students together for one weekend (Sept. 21-23) to build tools for young journalists in developing countries. We hope to make two things at the Jam:

  1. Guides for primary school students on the basics of journalism: How to write a lede, where to find a source, how to write an editorial, etc. These guides will be written by professional and college journalists, but in a manner accessible to elementary schoolers.

  2. Software for students to publish their work. We'll be coding an app that lets students easily write and share articles with their friends.

How you can help:

  •     Code -- Handy with Python? Come help code tools that could be used by thousands of kids around the world.

  •     Write -- Like journalism? Come write documents to help kids learn the basics of journalism.

  •     Cook -- Don't code or write about journalism but still want to contribute? Help cook tasty meals for the volunteers.

UI Mockups
Reporting tutorial
Photos from the content jam!