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OOTB Plone Themes

  • Overview: Increase the number of themes that ship with Plone and track additional ideas that might improve the Plone Theme story for implementation at the same time or a later date.
  • New Team Members: If you've just signed up, check out the recent news below and read through the emails exchanged on the mailing list. If you have questions, please email the list.
  • Team Members: Join the team and please indicate your area of expertise any an additional helpful information. We're looking for designers, skinners, and programmers to help shepherd this project, and we'll likely be breaking down into several smaller teams. Please state your availability, especially if it is limited.
  • Join us on IRC during the theming sprint (October 11 &12): #plonetheme

Plone Conference 2008 / High Priority Tasks to Benefit the OOTB Project

Recent News (September 29, 2008)

  • Themes available for skinning are here. Sign up, do it, submit it. It's that easy. This is a community-driven project now, and I (Veda Williams) am formally stepping down from the helm for a while. You select your themes, set your own schedule, submit to the group when you're done, and add it to plone.org/products. This will be increasingly more important as the UI changes we need for plone.org get rolled in, because we'll need to take snapshots of the design and gather some information about each theme. (Yes, we're still working on the redesign.)
  • Design Changes: changes that need to happen to plone.org to support a stronger theming story have been officially approved by Alexander Limi and submitted to Steve McMahon for coding. The changes that need to happen are no longer dependent on the Plone migration; Alex Clark has given us the go-ahead to make changes on a test instance. We're dependent on SteveM at this point, and might be able to pull in some additional resources as well.
  • Theming Sprint: Please sign up to participate in the sprint at the 2008 Washington DC Plone Conference. Sprint topics are here. Remote sprinters are welcome.
  • Announcement: Deliverance is currently being dogfooded by Alexander Limi, as he is working on (yes, it's really true!) a new look and feel for plone.org. As far as Deliverance goes, I want to include it as a chapter in the theming book, which means it needs to be in some sort of state of completion / usable by November of this year. Alexander and I will be semi-sprinting on this in late October, and hopefully some good work will be done on it at the DC conference.
  • Announcement: The TTW book is nearing completion, and David Convent and I have finished the chapter on theming, and it's good! The new theming book is mostly on schedule, give or take two weeks, and still due to wrap up at end of December.

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