• Case normalization in the membrane tool

last modified December 19, 2009 by egj


A user whose username has at least one capital letter cannot be found when searching for members on /manage-team

This bug may affect all versions of OpenCore.

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The search is executed using the membrane_tool catalog's RosterSearchableText index, using the lowercased form of the query. The membrane_tool's RosterSearchableText therefore must be indexing the lowercased form of the usernames.

To confirm that this bug affects you:

  1. Visit /membrane_tool/Indexes/RosterSearchableText/lexicon/manage_main in the ZMI as an admin
  2. If CaseNormalizer is listed in "Pipeline stages" this bug does not affect you.



You will need to remove the existing lexicon, create a new one in its place, and then clear and rebuild the membrane_tool indexes.

  1. Visit /membrane_tool/manage_main in the ZMI as an admin
  2. Click the checkbox next to the existing lexicon called "lexicon" and click the "delete" button
  3. In the dropdown "add" menu on the right-hand side, select "ZCTextIndex Lexicon" and click "Add"
  4. Give the lexicon id "lexicon" and the following options, and click "Add":
    • Case normalizer: "Case normalizer"
    • Stop words: "Don't remove stop words"
    • Word splitter: "Whitespace splitter"
  5. Visit /membrane_tool/manage_catalogIndexes in the ZMI
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Select all" and then click "Clear."
  7. When the page reloads, scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Select all" and then click "Reindex" -- this will take some time (proportional to the number of members on your site)

The bug should now be fixed.



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