• Collecting User Feedback

last modified June 3, 2008 by sonali

ITEMS we should start addressing as they come from real Open Plans Users. - (from Lou Klepner)

- Show activity: Page views, number of edits, last time users have viewed project. (This is starting to get addressed on the Summary Page)

- Track changes: Send notification when pages are edited.

- Security settings: Make more granular, allow projects to be searched for while hiding the contents of the project. Allow summary to be viewed but require approval prior to view the contents of the project.

- File management: Allow users to post files outside of a page-context, post new drafts with the ability to see previous versions.

- Subprojects: Gateway has 30+ projects on its basecamp site. Some projects  need to be locked down (financial/IT security info) to a limited number of users.

- Admin account creation: Allow project admins to fully add users (not just invite), automatically signing them up for mail lists.

- Page load: The site is slow... this might seem like a petty complaint but time is a limited resource and sitting, waiting for pages to load is a waste of time.

- Email list: Hide email addresses on public lists (currently scrapable)

- Online Users: Onsite IM would be nice, as would onsite direct messaging.

- Custom Domains: Allow organizations with domain names to setup a sub-domain for open plans. Use DNS masking to provide a semi-white label service.