• Core user stories

last modified February 18, 2008 by sonali

This is a catalog of the core user stories in OpenPlans.  Primarily, these will be used for testing and reference, and shortly they should be accompanied by workflow diagrams.  

Getting Started

Creating a project

Team Management / Project membership


Project management

  • View your project's contents  is everything showing up?
  • Delete something from your project
  • Change your project's settings (description, photo, features) are they reflected properly?



  • Create a wiki page
  • Edit a wiki page
  • Using the WYSIWYG editor -- format things, upload a photo, etc.  Are your edits correctly rendered on the live site?
  • View Wiki History.  Compare revisions and revert to one.  Is the "last updated" correct?



  • Write a blog post, save, publish, add categories
  • Leave a comment 


Mailing Lists

  • Create a new mailing list
  • Write a message to the list (from the web, and from your email)  Did you get it?



Task Tracker

  • Create a task list

  • Add a new task
  • Delete a task
  • Assign a task to someone else

Misc site usage

  •  Search for something


User Testing

Test Create Account
Test Signin
Test Invite
Test Request Membership
Test Create Project
Test Invite by Email
Test Account Update


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