• Current Site Evaluation

last modified January 24, 2007 by missmoun

Proposed list of things to modify or reconsider on the UI. BOLDS ARE THINGS MOUNA NEEDS TO WORK ON.

italics means it's done. bold means it still needs to be done really.

0. Home page

OpenPlans Home


view: Top menus revised 1

view: Top menus part2

1.1 First level: Open Plans Site wide navigation

  • Change order of links to : projects, people, start a project

1.2 Second level: Title

  • Remove "contact project admins" or "get involved" buttons. Should be placed in third level
  • If a Project or a User are selected, Title prints the Project Title or User's real name.

1.3 Third level A: Project navigation (once a project has been selected)

  • Align first text button to the Project Title on top (currently appears about 10 px to the right on some pages)
  • Change project links to: "project home" (same) "content" (moved) "project roster" (same) "mailing lists" (same) "contact" (moved) "project preferences" (moved) [order not correct for ease of coding... for now...]
  • Consider renaming: project roaster --to "team" or "team members"
  • Remove the Bread Crums menu (but don't put it too far away)

1.4 Third level B: User  navigation (once a user has been selected)

  • The menu presents "member home" (currently available through people search only) + "member profile" (currently available through project roster only) + contact (currently not available: we cannot contact any members directly)... more or less done
  • Add the contact link (using internal messaging system) ONLY if user is currently logged in --beware of facilitating spam
  • When a user clicks on their own username, menu becomes "my home" (same as current) + "my profile" (currently not available to a user for himself) + "my preferences" (currently available under "my info")... some order issue

1.5 Third level C: Login section

  • All that remains is "login" + "join" OR "username" + "logout". Username links to a user's "my profle" page.

1.6 Fourth level: Wiki Editing menu

Note: "content" and "project preferences" have now been moved to Third level and appear at any time. "Content page" security changes. (see content page details).

  • Create new visual state for the "edit" button to indicate insufficient priviledges.
  • Rename "version" to "history"
  • Consider revising the presence of the "view/edit/version" on following pages:  project roaster + contact + content + version + preferences. Remove the option UNLESS the edit becomes contextual ie. EDIT project roaster will allow you to add and remove members and get to the appropriate navigation.


  • Re-Work on some simple layout
  • Edit text.
  • Edit text on the CONTACT FORM page (linked from home page)


3.1 Text and Messages

  • Revise and Edit ALL text and messages. Includes: Error messages, Error pages, Forms, Default content and Automated Emails.
    issues identified:     I got a funky one when trying to "undelete" a page from the contents page.
                                  Also, the reset password email has a typo + could use some rewriting.
  • Create a small close button for all internal confirmation messages (like "changes saved" and "you are now logged in") or having them disappear on their own after a few seconds.

3.2 The Open Plans navigation + Project and People pages

  • Modify People SEARCH to allow more flexibility, like entering first letters and * or something... Right now, only entering the exact infos return results.
  • Correct display of project list by Letters. Capitalization seems to matter in the sorting + there are strange "random" gaps between entries.

3.2. Create New Project

  • Re-Consider the option to "find teams" at this stage.
  • Form should be fully sticky, double check
  • Create a new option to identify a project as "test" only. Would automatically deleted after 7 days. Sandbox is really more fore advanced users.
  • There needs to be a way for users to delete or remove an entire project (could be inside user profile?)


4.1. Edit Page

  • Remove "Edit Page" on top of the page: redundant with the Edit button's visual cue.
  • Remove "And Open Plans wiki Page".
  • Remove the email and print buttons on that page.
  • Modify size of the "version comment" box. Make it 2 lines.
  • Modify size of the "description" box. Make it 3 lines.
  • Move the "display attchments" option into the "manage Attachments" section... and change size of the font to match "display attachments".
  • Check: seems to be a bug while trying to update an attchment doc without changing it's name-- cannot get it to  work for me, keeps giving me my old doc version even though i deleted it.

I know there is lots of talk about Kupu so i won't get into it now.

4.2. Content page

The content page is as close as we currently have to navigation within the site. Until we can remedy to that problem, we should try and make it always available and as friendly as possible.

  • Change default sorting to alphabetical
  • Sorting options should be remembered when going back and fourth to the page
  • Remove the "States" column for non-admin viewers -unless someone can explain how they are helpfull.
  • Remove the "Size" column for non-admin viewers... is it relevant for regular people?
  • Remove "undelete" and "delete" buttons for non-admin viewers.

4.3. Version Page

Reconsider... the whole thing. Mouna currently working this.


5.1 Project Roaster

  • Remove "details" link. Redundant with link on the real name.
  • Wrap list of projects somehow... long one break the page a bit.
  • Order members by the first letter of their full name entry

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