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Vespucci design review.

round 1: December 10th, 2007


1. Replace zoom pan tool with proper images.

    - Ticket #68

2. ***mouna: create graphics for comments boxes

3. When a bubble is open, using the zoom nav toll should center around the opened bubble.

   - Ticket #109

4. What's with the view/edit/history at top? If you give me a better idea of what the behavior might be then it should be easier for me to recommend changes -especially for the edit mode.

    At this point, those controls are just artifacts of previous implementations.  We used to have a a View/Edit mode distinction, and though I'm worried that it might rear its ugly head when we start doing authentication stuff again, for now those buttons do nothing.  The HISTORY link will open up the history feed as soon as I polish it a bit more.
    So related questions are things like: what exactly will our authentication workflow be?  And where should the history button/link go?  -- Seb

5. I imagine you know sometimes it is a bit slow to load, i am having especially some trouble with close ups but not only.

6. I have some issues last week with the zoom that kept going in and in as i was trying to edit a bubble. Could not reproduce this morning. Is it a known bug? what is fixed? if not i can spend some time to try to reproduce again.

    Tim and I aren't sure what you mean by this.  Would it have something to do with using a mousewheel in a popup, maybe?  If you could be more specific, we could be more helpful.  -- Seb

Bubble boxes: view/read

1. Position of map should change to allow for the entire comment box to appear when needed. --seems to have been done.

2. Categories should be drop down and not color selection.

    There seems to be a lack of consensus over whether this is the best way to go among designers.  Could you talk to Nick about this and get back to us? 

3. Spacing between lines needs to be adjusted

    Could you please be more specific? -- Seb

4. *** mouna: provide graphic for close button (2 states)

5. Add pipes | or more spacing in between options at bottom (comments options)

    - Ticket #110

6. loading is strange, one piece at a time, should be seamless, add a loading icon if that helps.

    Do you mean a popup with multiple images, where multiple loading images are displayed? Or is this with Xinha, or something else? -- Tim

Bubble boxes: edit

1. For field titles, choose between all caps and no caps -- try every thing in all caps.

    - Ticket #111

2. We have tried on the rest of the opencore UI to try using the Save as button, cancel as link approach: the advantage of this is that it provides focus on the most important option and avoids hitting on the wrong one as easily.

    - Ticket #112

3. I question if we really need Xinha! in here. It crams the rest of the content. Maybe all we want is an insert image button. What do you think?
We could have Xinha! only in the full edit mode on the side bar?

   We could easily change some of the Xinha CSS to take up less space (padding and such) and also use smaller text. Theoretically, we should be able to make xinha look exactly like your spec. Would that work? -- Tim

4. *** mouna: provide graphic for the comment

5. Spacing needs to be adjusted around fields and field titles

    Can you show us where? -- Tim

6. # of comment should print the total number of comments (with mouna's graphic, see #4)

    There are significant technical difficulties with with this.  When we talked to Cholmes about this, he thought that this might be a place where we have to disappoint design, at least initially.  For now, we probably should change this to something more reasonable like View Comments.  Other improvements might come later, but we need to make sure they are worth the trouble. -- Seb

Side bar/comment box

1.  Main body of text should span across the entire width of that side bar.

    Not sure what you mean by this.  Could you please elaborate? -- Seb

2. Need to rework some of the line spacings a bit --- as well as font sizes etc.

3. Somehow the xinha! box is less problematic here

4. SAVE/cancel should be button + link

    - Ticket #113

New stuff

1. Can we envisage a shorter version of the pop-up bubbles with just the title that would actually appear on Roll over. See for example, Yahoo! maps for this.

    We can, ya. Do you want them to be bubbly, like they are now, or do you want them square like Yahoo does? -- Tim