• Feature Requests

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  • Some Form Of Community Driven Documentation (mchua)
    • a community-docs project on openplans.org?
    • a streetswiki on openplans.org?


  • a text markup language alternative to wysiwyg and html (mchua)
    • an export-to-plaintext feature - where it would output the page in the aforementioned text markup language so it's easy for users to email their files, import it across openplans instances, etc. (dokuwiki is a nice implementation of this feature; it uses plaintext files instead of a database.) (mchua)
  • AUTOSAVE. (mchua)
  • an "edit this section" feature - like in Mediawiki/Dokuwiki/Lots-of-other-wikis, so you don't have to scroll through the whole dang page (mchua)
  • when adding a link via the gui (highlighting text and clicking the "add link" button), highlight the "OK" button in the popup link-adding dialog by default. Focus is still currently on the "Save" button for the main edit-wiki page, so if you type your URL into the add-link dialog and hit Enter reflexively, it exits the editor and saves the page... without your link in place. (mchua)
  • save-and-continue-editing button (mchua)

Volunteer Management

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Date: Dec 23, 2007 3:30 PM
Subject: Re: Holiday party

I was talking to my mom about your job and she was saying that she wanted some sort of easy database that could keep track of volunteers.  Right now I think she's just using excel with autofilters, but it's not very flexible.  She wants to be able to search by person, or by who worked on some particular day or event, and when she adds information she doesn't want to need to add a whole new excel line that repeats all of the information.

I'm sure there's a way to make the excel program do all of that, but if you guys had some neat volunteer tracking database that would be really cool for everyone involved.