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last modified February 7, 2008 by k0s

This page will be best used for issues relating to TOPP (The Open Planning Project). Comments that are of a pure technical nature should be submitted on the opencore feedback page.

Things I liked about the site:

Editing capabilities for someone with no web skills! I love being able to conceive of changes and implement them immediately, without waiting for a web designer to do basic things, like revising text, or even correcting typos.

Things I didn't like as much:

Having no way of knowing whether, when I post a suggestion, others working on a given project have read it and not responded, or didn't notice it / haven't read it. Sometimes minor changes can seem "buried" on the page, since there is no mechanism to highlight them. Also, not receiving notification for when something has been changed, having to click through all the links to check for changes.