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Page title
Same as on the People Page

Page navigation

Sorting of results
* relevancy
* username
* real name

mini pictures
How do we display the image? Resize for now? *eventually users will create their thumbnail.

Listing results
For each entry:
* Username and Real name
* First project they belong to from their project list. Need to MAKE SURE we do not display any closed projects --this should become a user preference in the future: "select flagship project to associate yourself with"...
* Relevancy: needs to be specific to members search

New search (side bar)
Does not re-sort current results, new search from scratch by
- Search field
- Alphabet

------------------Other notes----------------------------------------------------------------

Question 1: How difficult is it to do the # of items per page drop downs? This is applicable to all searches. /JA

notes for mouna:
- review on way of identify the users, like the "first project they belong to"
- setup some rules on how to resize with max with or max height, clearly define constrains