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Sorting of results
Sorting by:
* relevancy (default)
* alphabetical
* date
* username

Listing results
For each entry:
* Project full name/Larger project full name IF subproject
* "created by" name of founding member, on "date" date started (use smart date)
* Print first 70 characters from mission statement (if mission statement field added to Start new project page, IF no mission entered, return nothing
* Relevancy
- //Nick: Can we do away with the relevancy %?  I can't think of one good site I use that includes this.  Seems arbitrary and meaningless to me.
- //mouna: well, all search engines have an implicit relevancy criteria, that's what determines the order in which the results are presented. If we allow to sort by other variables, like dates... we need a way to say: "go back to the initial order that the system though was the most... relevant" BUT open to discussion.

New search (side bar)

Does not re-sort current results, new search from scratch by
- Search field
- Alphabet

7 New search: alphabet

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