• HOWTO Run the Flunc Tests

last modified January 22, 2008 by slinkp

  1. Follow the Getting Started instructions until you have a working version of opencore with an opencore site.  put it at http://localhost:8080/openplans
  2. Follow the instructions on http://www.openplans.org/projects/flunc  to get a working copy of flunc on your system. - OR - use the version that's installed by fassembler.
  3. The flunc tests are in your fassembler build, look in opencore/src/opencore/ftests/
  4. The README.txt there will give you the help you need to run the tests.  

Current issues as of 01/22/2008

There are some known problems; until we address them, here's the workarounds:

You need to change the zope admin password

The ftests assume the password is "admin".  Here's one workaround: Go into the ZMI, go to
(changing the port to your base_port + 1).

You'll have to give the password created by the build; that gets put in var/admin.txt, where var is whatever var directory you told fassembler to use.
Then when you submit, your basic auth credentials are invalidated so you'll get prompted for basic auth again; enter the new password again.

Yes, this is inconvenient; it would be much better if flunc used the admin password created by the build, see http://trac.openplans.org/openplans/ticket/2007

You need to go through deliverance, and specify the correct base URL

The ftests assume localhost:8080.

To work around this, use the -p option to flunc.

For example, if BASE is the top directory you created with fassembler-boot.py, and BASEPORT is the base_port you specified when running fassembler.

$BASE/opencore/bin/flunc -w -t http://localhost:$BASEPORT -p $BASE/opencore/src/opencore/ftests/ all

See also HOWTO Run the Opencore unit tests