• jeff's blog post - January 16, 2008

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I spent most of this iteration (when I wasn't sick) trying to get a trunk instance deployed on dev.openplans.org  or demon.openplans.org
or demon.flow.openplans.org.  For the latter, I ran into trouble after deployment trying to wire things in -- evidentally there is more that needs to be done configuring DNS for demon.openplans.org to be usable, and (maybe?) for demon.flow.openplans.org there might be some problem configuring deliverance to use multiple host names.

But after cabraham had done his business with dev i just decided to use that.  Unfortunately, wordpress was not set up properly there.  So I rebuilt and grabbed a zeo database using  recovering the production database .  Again, exact same problem.  It was at this point that I came down with a fever and spent several days in bed.  In my feverish state I realized that while I had recovered the ZODB, I had not recovered the MySQL databases from theman.  When I returned I talked to smk about the problem.  Since mysqldump --databases does not allow name changes on databases (which is what we need), smk set up a user that has access to databases and I wrote this script to help automate the syncing of things.  Eventually (maybe next iteration?) I would like to have instructions and scripts compiled that enable the creation of a dev or other instance using the live instance as a base. So dev still doesn't work.  Maybe copying the databases is sufficient to fix dev;  maybe more needs to be done.

 When I wasn't trying to deploy dev, I was fixing minor points in the latest-activity page.  There are a few remaining spots that need fixing:

  • the 'EDIT' links show up regardless of whether or not the user has permission to edit the project preferences
  • the links shown on the wireframe (can't find the link atm) shows some icons especially for the blog post section of latest activity;  these aren't done yet

So I tried to deploy locally after my illness to fix these up (especially the first one, which is a bug, while the second is really a feature).  But building a fresh stack I notice that wordpress isn't working.  After hunting around a bit and asking in the channel, it seems there are some fields that need to be set in the opencore_properties sheet of the ZMI. I sorta know what that means and could probably figure out how to do it without more advice.  So this needs to be added to the instructions.  It also needs to be added to the build, either in a generic setup profile type thing or an additional step either run internally to fassembler or in my wrapper around fassembler. Ideally, the build process on my own machine would give me a working site + blogs + the whole kit and kaboodle. Ideally there would be a build process for dev that would get me the live site + blogs and everything on dev.openplans.org.   These have kinda been my stumbling blocks.  I'll work more on them when I get back but now i need to devote time to prepping for the sprint.

 Outside of still not having latest-activity in a place where either I can debug or Rollie can see, there are a few things that I would like to do soon-ish.  Our instructions for use, particularly those under http://www.openplans.org/projects/opencore  , are badly out of date.  I'd like to  scrap most of them and streamline the relavant parts.  As alluded to above, I'd also like to get these last little kinks in building worked out and documented.  I have other things I'd love to see -- like autosave and certain xinha bugs fixed -- but these I'd put in a lower priority bracket