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last modified July 9, 2008 by sonali

List of competition, similar apps or references and inspirations

1. Competition/Inspiration

  • riseup.net
  • Civic Space
    Screen Shots of version 8.2
    Uses Drupal for content mgt, and CiviCRM for "constituent relations management"
    Mitch Kapor of OSAF helped start it (mentioned in Dreaming in Code p 203).

2. Hosted project management tools

3. Some similar features

  • Tadalist
    - Appears to be too simplistic -only one level task etc... too personal also
    Not really worth mentioning. The BaseCamp full task list app is closer to what we need.

4. Stuff for non-profit/community activities

5. References

6. Places & People using virtual tools for social change

(both using civic space i think.... and both kind of messy/hard to follow or orient oneself)

7. Wikis


Yahoo! and google groups
Online gaming
mooveon.org and other
indymedia.org... services like us,
Ning Building mashups
Request Tracker (fed ex uses it so it can be very complex and do anything thought about).
MySpace. lots of tech issues and doesn't do much, yet. And it looks ancient.
Source Forge
participatory way of publishing social events and activities
Tools for stuff that need to get done.
list of more related software: toolcrib.ning.com