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last modified October 26, 2007 by missmoun

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People and Projects select a position on the map.

* PART 1: On a project 

  • "Add position on map" opens the small map widget to find a place and precisely position the marker.
  • The marker should be draggable for exact positioning. Use the Google X method for precise position of marker on the map.
  • The same widget should be used on the project preferences page to modify a location and on the user profile page to add and modify one location.
  • Projects have the ability to add an "area of intervention" using the polygon tool (not a priority).
  • Right now, the map for a project will only be displayed on the project preferences page. It should be integrated in the project summary page (side bar) as soon as it is ready.
  • This small map should have a zoom level of XXX. 




Click "add area of intervention" (optional)

Details can be kept as the current Open Layer polygone tool (or i can specify more if needed). 



 on project preferences page:



* PART 2: On a profile

No option for area of intervention. The rest is similar.


* PART 2: User profile 
User cannot enter an "area of intervention".