• Main interfaces 1.0

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  1. Home Page:
    Home version 1
    Home version 2
  2. Main portal pages
    Project Page
    People Page
    Group Page
  3. Search results
    From Project Page

    From People Page
    From Group Page
    From Top Menu search field
    Advanced search (more options)

  4. Get Started
    Start new project

    ------ earlier discussion in Project Creation

    User registration
    Login screens
    General Page
  5. Tagging and Navigate by tags
    Search results from tag -links from all portal pages
  6. User section
    Main profile page
    Edit profile page
  7. Projects
    Top bar --Details of top navigation
  8. Wiki / History&Versions
    Wiki view
    Wiki edit
    Wiki edit w/note
    History list
    History previous
    History compare
  9. Listen
    Listen first version

    ------ based on Listen Specification