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Username and info
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View/Edit tabs
Only when viewing your own profile

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General information
* Full name
* Location

Project List
Print list of projects user belongs to with the total number.
If this is my page: indicate the projects that are private differently ("private")
If this is another user's page: only show public project, adjust total of projects to count only public ones.

Personal statement

7 Info
Will become links to list of other people with these results

------------------Other notes----------------------------------------------------------------

Later stuff

Top menu
* make sure it is user specific.
* When hitting my username, i should go to my User preferences page
* When other users access my user section, they go to this current page.

* View alternative option (for ref only)
Main profile page v.05 -wiki profile + home page together

------------------Focus on details----------------------------------------------------

The profile view page lists all the project a user belongs too for others to see. However, we need to make sure users understand we respect their preferences with regards to the display of their projects and their memberships.
ie. When looking at their own project, the user and only that user will also see listed his closed projects as well as projects for which he does not hope to be listed.

Proposed solutions:

1. Display only projects that are non-closed + listed for all users including yourself

+: avoids the problem and confusion all together. Users should use their accounts page to see what projects they are part of, the profile view page is the space where they edit what the rest of the world can see of them. The title of that field could become "Public projects" instead of "Projects".
- : Makes the page less useful as a navigation tool for a user. However, they will be spending more and more time on their accounts page anyways.
Currently we display a message to users with no projects to join one. We would have to adjust that message for the case where users are only part of private or unlisted projects.

2. Identify both situations with text: use (unlisted) and (restricted) for example.

+: well, simple
- : too many text annotations.
Forces us to use a word like "restricted" or "close" or "private" to identify one of the different security settings for a project.

3. Identify "closed" project visually and add a legend.

+: Allows to give all the different distinct situations
- : not so great from the UI/readability pov. Generates two different ways of doing things for the same problem/purpose.

I've mocked up this option if we want to go with it at the bottom of this page

4. Use a single identifier for any special case: bundle both unlisted and closed projects as the same thing ie. a project that will not show up to your regular user on this page.
Use the our current (private) or (unlisted) text tag to do so. Maybe we need a better word: (hidden)

+ : this is the easiest solution to answer our specific problem which is not to scare users
- : removes one layer of information for users

5. Divide the list of projects into 2 fields, one for projects anyone can see, and one for projects only members can see

+ : clear
- : will make the page a bit heavier and is maybe overkill

6. Forget about this whole thing.
That specific fear from the user is not such a big deal. There are plenty of other things users can only see on their own profiles and we don't identify them. They will be scared, they will logout maybe and look at their profile and then understand.

Mock-up for option 3: