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last modified November 16, 2007 by missmoun

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Reworking the team creation and invitations

 1. Customize email invitation (ticket #1838)

Interface remains as it currently is except the submit button under the invite by email form changes from "send" to "go".

Once submitted, the interface changes to allow users to fully customize their email invitation.

Submitting this new form will return to our current view of a list of team members, PSM and newly sent invitations pending approval.
Important: the pending invitations should appear (ajax fade in) AFTER the form was sent and the regular manage team view loads.



(1). Form auto-fills with emails previously entered by user on the side bar

(2). Subject auto-fills with default txt including the actual name of user sending invitation and the project name. If user modifies this text, we do not correct it before sending it.

(3). User can choose between having the message sent from their name + email address on file for them OR generic greetings@ address

(4). Auto-fills with suggested txt. If user modifies any of it, we do not correct it.

(5). This part prints only for user to see. Cannot be modified by the user.

(6).  SEND sends email + reloads initial manage team view w/ current PSM and new pending invitations appearing in their own table (same as current but make sure timing is correct).

Cancel returns to the previous page w/ the content of the "Invite by email" side bar still filled with the user entered data.