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last modified April 18, 2007 by ianb

Meta Thoughts on UI changes

  1. project security preferences

    1. start a new project page

      1. need to reconfigure security policies to reflect new settings in terms of open/med/closed vs view/edit/add tools

    2. member management

      1. admin and team member, what do these roles mean and any other settings?

  2. Search results

    1. Restricting search to the topics of the page—can we do this?  [I don't understand?  -- Ian]

    2. Relevancy as related to this restricted search—can we do this?  [Are we talking about sorting by relevancy?  This might require a better search engine than what we have, not sure.  -- Ian]

  3. Private STAYS PRIVATE

    1. Clear on reg. form about full name

    2. Search results don't list closed projects?

    3. People search results don't take a closed project to show as your `flagship project'

    4. Either closed projects don't show up on profile/roster pages OR members can chose a private or public membership, if the project is exposed at all.

  4. AJAX-y bits

    1. Were minimized

    2. Need to decide on a library, right?  [No, we don't need to do it right now, and I don't think we are quite ready to do it yet.  We should keep the Javascript minimal and not bring in full frameworks (packed forms or particularly useful subsets of a framework); if we decide on a particular library we can be a little more free in how much of a framework we use on any one page.  -- Ian]

  5. Versioning

    1. Can you compare any two versions? [Yes, we just don't have the links for it.  You can change the URL now to view diffs for any two versions; so this is purely a history screen fix -- Ian]

    2. Need better clean up of viewing  [You mean the diff view?  This should be fairly easy -- the tags are easy to remove, and a little styling should resolve some of the other parts. -- Ian]

    3. Need to understand the limitations of versioning in its current state, if any.