• nui Workflow

last modified May 22, 2007 by Jacqueline

Wherein Jackie describes the way she envisions we get sign off on all of 23 nui screens:

I want us to have a review process that makes sense, is efficient in terms of both time and effort expended. I want team engineering and team ui to be acting concurrently for as long as possible to aid this, until the point where we actually _don't_ want this to be happening anymore as we approach the final countdown. Also, i put in there 're-deploy on flow' a lot. I am not exactly sure that these are the right words for what I mean, which is 'get your changes back in trunk, perform functional testing, and get this screen with its new changes back on flow'. We can call that whatever you like. Also, I plan on us tracking this in a spreadsheet that lists all the screens and who has signed off on them so we know exactly where we are in the process for every single step.

Engineering Owner(s) of Screen
Team Engineering
Team UI & Mouna

Engineering 'owner(s)' of a screen feel that a particular screen is approaching completion

Engineering owner(s) merge(s) to trunk (is this the right time to do this? i think so but could allow myself to be persuaded otherwise)

Engineering owner(s) put(s) the screen up on flow and sends the link to opencore-dev (for team engineering review) and opencore-ui (for team ui review)

Team engineering reviews code for best practices, weaknesses in test coverage, and performs flunc tests on full stack
Team ui reviews for appearance, CSS/html/javascript cleanliness, form and function

If necessary, feedback is passed back to owner(s) to modify, create additional tests, fix broken shit etc.
Team ui tweaks, passes necessary backend work back to owner(s)
Owner(s) fix, create test, modify code, etc.

Repeat steps above until team engineering is satisfied
Repeat steps above until team ui is satisfied
Re-deploy screen on flow

Send link to Jackie for functional review (which she does)

Owner(s) incorporate Jackie's requested changes to functionality/appearance
Owner(s) and team ui incorporate Jackie's requested changes to functionality/appearance

Review of changes by team engineering until satisfied
Brief review of changes by team ui to stay in loop
When team engineering is satisfied, re-deploy on flow, pass to team ui

Review by team ui until satisfied
re-deploy on flow if necessary

Send link to Mouna for final review/sign off

Mouna reviews and confers as necessary
Owner(s) incorporate any of Mouna's changes, as necessary, and re-deploy to flow, pass to team ui

Team ui tweaks and performs any changes to meet Mouna's approval
re-deploy on flow, pass back to Mouna

Mouna approves screen for production

team engineering stages screen for production in a staging instance on flow that will slowly collect all 23 screens

Another round of functional testing as each screen is added, to make sure nothing breaks anything else, and all the old screens that 'no longer exist' don't appear.

Final review by team ui, Mouna, and Jackie et. al. before going live