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last modified December 18, 2007 by missmoun

Revamp of Home page of NYCstreets.org

December 2007


1. Top banner

1 liner: what is this site about. Should not be redundant with top nav. Can include logo if needed (depends on final design of top nav).
Learn more can either link to 1 page tour or to the about page...

2. Micro-tour as link

Links to individual section of 1 page tour(s). 

3. Login

Login box. Sign in goes to our current sign up page. Forgot your password should eventually deal with it on this page but for this, we can go to the regular login page with the forget password part of the form open by default. 

4. Featured project

Eventually this will become editorial content. For now, use the space as a place to promote the specific UWS initiative. 

5. Related projects for feature

Should become a dynamic feature in the future --once either sub-projects or tagging is implemented. For now, this should not be dynamic but used to promote the secondary initiatives of UWS (like: Amsterdam, Broadway etc.). 

6. Recently Active

Exact parameters can evolve over time. For now, it should related to the project or person that has done the most changes on their section recently. Whatever element we can take into account (mailing list, wiki, picture etc...) AND that is visible to the user (ie. not activity on a hidden mailing list) should bring something to the front page. 

7. Latest posts

From the blogs of the site. This feed can be adjusted with time as more or less user content is created. It could also pull recent discussion from the mailing lists if we feel this is not active enough.
IMPORTANT: this would be great opportunity to work on the mini-thumbnails for users as they will bring faces to the activities happening and can be reused in many other places afterwards.

8. Button/Short cut to start your own + find other projects  

Regular buttons

9. News from Nycstreets.org 

We don't even need 1 liners, it could be only titles of blog posts. This should not be a makeshift solution but the proper internal blog. Maybe this is one specific category from the blog that gets pushed to the front page. 

10. About nycstreets.org

A short text explaining the non-profit nature of the site, who is behind it and why --and why this is not a scam.