• opencore buildout installation

last modified January 18, 2011 by macagua

There is a buildout for installing opencore. It is currently experimental -- installation might be easier than the standard getting started procedure, but there's no guarantee the resulting site will work. Please drop us a line on opencore-dev or file a Trac ticket if you have any problems.

This buildout creates a Plone 3.3.5 environment with opencore installed.

svn co https://svn.socialplanning.org/svn/opencore/buildout/plone-3.3 opencore-buildout
cd opencore-buildout
python2.4 bootstrap.py
./bin/buildout -v 

If you get an ImportError about PIL, just add "PIL" to buildout.cfg's [eggs] section and re-run ./bin/buildout (it will be quicker the second time around, don't worry)  

Also other buildout creates a Plone 4.0 environment with opencore installed. 

svn co https://svn.socialplanning.org/svn/opencore/buildout/plone-4 opencore-buildout
cd opencore-buildout
python2.6 bootstrap.py
./bin/buildout -v

To start the server.

./bin/instance start