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last modified May 11, 2007 by missmoun

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Subheader statistic --OK "very very easy"

Search for People --OK
Should return on a new page From People page , limit results to members only.

Letter have Roll-Over states, underline for now.
Clicking one letter returns list of members on a new page identical to the Search results From People page .
Same as searching for all members whose Usernames  (login ID) start with the letter A.
Letters that don't have projects associated to them should appear differentlu (50% lighter) + not be links.

Become a member // toggles to user specific content
Static information on the advantages of becoming a member
OR if already a member some info on what can now be done to your user profile.
EXACT COPY of this text needs to be written (Rollie OR Mouna?).

------------------Other notes----------------------------------------------------------------

//decide again on Alphabet needs to be username or real name

Later stuff

* Tag Cloud
Clicking on a tag returns list of projects on a new page *probably* identical to the Search results From People page .
***IF we have tag cloud, we need to add Tagg fields for people --to be added on the Edit profile page of users.

* Subheader statistic: how many projects we have, or some dynamic information.

* Latest/Most active/Random user
Dynamically display some users on the front. Can we double check who has been actively updating their profiles?