• Project Networking

last modified January 29, 2008 by mattcoop

Is there any means of categorizing or relating projects within openplans.org?

For example, I know some folks who are working on spreading the word and practice of Muhammad Yunus (same folks who made that video of you guys recently).  One of their goals is to help people throughout the world to initiate new social actions.  They will try to get as many of these groups as possible onto the same web platform (I'm pushing for this one), so that they can more effectively create confluence among their efforts.

Are there any plans for marking projects as "related" or "partners", or perhaps "parent/child"?  Also, a simple project tagging system might get the job done.

A good example might be how change.org lets people initiate "Changes" that they want to see, and then lets users associate different nonprofit groups with those changes.

By the way, I'd love to come in some time to talk with you guys about this and other ideas, and just to find out more about your organization.