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last modified October 31, 2007 by missmoun

Adding a picture (including a logo) to a project 

1. Adding & Editing the picture

On the project creation page & On the project preferences page

Notes: ADD AN EXTRA field to add an image. Once the image is uploaded, it is displayed on the form as well as on the project preferences. If the new project creation is not finished, the uploaded image should be discarded.


Notes: Display the image inline with the option to remove it or upload a new one. 


Removing the image or changing it will bring back the original field to select a new image. We could add an inline message if the option was to remove "image successfully removed". The the user hits cancel, his previous image re-appears. 


2. Picture properties

max width

max height

how to display and resize the image

Storing the image

Present the image in the images and attachments list of the contents page. Allow users to display it again in other parts of their projects like any other image they might have in their bank. 


3. Displaying the picture

Phase 1: On the project preferences page (see part 1: Adding and editing a picture

Phase 2: On openplans.org Home page and the Project page


Phase 3: Create a project badge like the people badge. Use it in places like the project search results and the (soon to be) map.