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Details section
* STILL needs to be defined (pending meeting and discussion)

Contextual information
Highlight the fact that users can no longer edit their nav name. Eventually provide a link to the faq/help section explaining to them what they could do (if anything) about it.


The security options do not change. Only the terminology (front-end) change.


Turing existing features OFF should (on submitting the form)
* give a warning message, in the form of a modal pop-up (regular browser message could be used for now)
* eventually give detailed options to users about what to do with it: archive/deleted for ever FOR NOW:
Turn it off, save the data, and repopulate with same data in case it is turned back on.

NEW SECURITY ELEMENT: Allowing users to create new instances of a featurlet --a new task list or a new mailing list.

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* Other options: Project Preferences alt