• sites using OpenCore

last modified May 20, 2010 by egj

A diverse collection of websites and entities use OpenCore to power their community-driven sites for collaboration and collective action, including:

CoActivate.org provides online tools for real-world change free of charge, to give groups a simple way to get together, promote causes, make plans, manage projects, build community around issues and initiatives, and get things done. 

GaiaPermaculture.com is a site dedicated to best practice and community-building for a global permaculture cooperative.  Permaculture is a sustainability framework developed in Australia in the 1970s that is now a global movement with thousands of sites and millions of practitioners.  The website is being used to communicate with stakeholders and develop a community of cooperators around individual and linked projects.

Indy.gr is an open-publishing media site which runs on Indycore, a free software platform based on OpenCore.  It combines open publishing with collaboration tools so that groups of people can work together and produce quality content for non-corporate grassroots media coverage.

The Virtual Collaboratory, which uses an open source software platform built on OpenCore, was designed to support research scientists and educators in geographically-dispersed locations.

OpenFSM.net is a platform for social activism across the globe provided by the World Social Forum.  It is open to all individuals and groups who are interested in collaborating for change under the guidance of the WSF's Charter of Principles.