• Suggestions From Testing Team

last modified February 21, 2008 by mchua

  • There's a weird display quirk on the Epiphany browser. See http://www.openplans.org/projects/operations/mchua-2-14-08-deletion-while-invited/epiphany-firefox.png - epiphany on left, firefox 2 on the right.
  • On openplans.org, 2/21/08 (from mchua)
    •  Assigning a task to someone else does not result in a notification to them that they have a task assigned (either in messages on their web interface, or via email).
    •  Deleted images do not degrade particularly gracefully in wiki pages - they still show up in the html (as full img tags), but alt text renders on the page inline and makes text selection weird. To see what I mean, view http://www.openplans.org/projects/mchuatestproject/make-a-new-page and try to select the words "please-choose-another.png" and the text around it, then view source.
    •  Front page displays of "newest projects" and "updated projects" get updated every 5 minutes, so changes - in particular, security setting changes for whether a project is searchable/viewable by nonmembers or not - aren't immediate. Not that we should change this, because caching is awesome and 5 min is more than reasonable, but a "your changes may take up to N minutes to take effect" message may be in order when someone changes project preferences.
    •  Members are not notified when a project they belong to is deleted - it just mysteriously disappears from their interface. Some kind of warning email may be in order here as well.