• When & how to sync the membrane tool

last modified July 1, 2009 by ejucovy


A project's /team page is missing some of the project's members, but its /summary and /manage-team pages report the correct set of members.

No reproduction steps for the underlying bug have been isolated, so this notice affects all versions of OpenCore.

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Solution (automated - requires rebuild)

New builds using versions of Fassembler greater than r24816 will have the necessary configuration generated automatically in /opencore/zope/etc/zope.conf but see below for possible adjustments to consider.

Solution (manual)

Add the following configuration to your installation's /opencore/zope/etc/zope.conf configuration (but if you built your site using fassembler>=r24816 this may already be there -- see above):

  method /openplans/membrane_tool/refreshCatalog
  period 43201
  host localhost

Replace the "user" and "password" values with the username and password of your Zope admin user.

This will sync the membrane_tool catalog every twelve hours.  You may want to resync more frequently depending on the level of activity on your site.  To do this, change the value of "period" to something smaller; this is the interval, in seconds, between syncs.  We recommend using a prime number value, to minimize the chance of collisions with other periodic clock-server jobs.