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When a User enters the team page they usually want to:

  • View team members
  • Find a team member
  • Invite new friends
  • Contact a team member


In addition to the above tasks an Admin enters their team page they areis most likely interested in:

  • inviting a person
  • removing a person 
  • assigning a member as admin
  • assigning a moderator (it would be interesting to add at least one more level of user)

Current LSN Admin Screen:

­Manage Team LSN­


Current LSN Member Screen:

­Team - Streets Staff


Here is a proposal that will create a more unified admin/member experience.  

In an attempt to clean up the two screens we see above - here is a simplified one screen solution with "admin inline editing" if one may call it that. If a member is also an Admin they are opened up to certain privileges like removing a member and assigning other members to be Admins. 

­­23Screens_part_deux: Project - Team­


What some of the others are doing: 


Google does a good job personalizing the member page by adding profile pics of the members. It does a terrible job with the display of information that is attached to each member. The name is repeated twice in some instances and the whole thing takes up too much space for not very much information. 

  Members - MobileCampNYC | Google Groups­



They seem to have approached it more like a table database of users. Some aspects of this are useful. It does not have a personal touch but things that are useful are the SEARCH. Its upfront and might be one of the first to be used. They have tucked in details of a user under the simple | expanded view. This could be useful for the long lists of groups people belong to. I am also interested in the tab structure where we can deal with the pending invites

MoMo-NY : Members : 1 - 30 of 514




­Friendly/cute but not very informative. Tab structure again is useful to know the admins, moderators. I do enjoy the way one can modify what you call your members in this case "crafters".

Flickr: Manage Members in CRAFT



Facebook | Group Members